5 Simple Suggestions for Finding the Best Deals on Electronics

While big retail websites try to persuade you that they have the cheapest electronics you can possibly find, the truly tech-savvy shoppers are getting some serious deals on the down low. Here are five simple suggestions that can help you join their ranks easily.


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1. Look for Refurbished Items

Check out store inventories that offer refurbished items along with new ones. The refurbished ones have been used before, but they’ve been fixed up so they work just as well as new ones. They might even have a warranty for a short period of time. A refurbished product can be much more affordable than new goods while still giving the user all of the same benefits.

2. Look at Local Classifieds

Look through the local newspaper to see if anybody is selling an electronic item that they no longer use but is still in slightly new condition. Keep in mind that this isn’t a preferred method because there isn’t a warranty. This means if anything goes wrong with the product, which has an unknown amount of life remaining, nobody will cover the cost or handle the repairs.

3. Use Online Coupons

Getting in on bargain-hunting websites, such as Discountrue grants you access to special offers and coupon codes to numerous retail websites. There’s a pretty good reason you haven’t heard of them before: tech-savvy shoppers keep secrets well. Check the websites and see if you can double up on some codes to get the best possible deal on great items.

4. Check Auction Sites

Look at auction sites to get an idea of the latest prices people are willing to pay for certain kinds of electronics you’re interested in. The website includes an advanced feature that lets you narrow down certain price ranges and to check only for brand new items. Looking for a particular make and model will make it easier to narrow down the search results. Be sure to do your homework regardless of where you do your searching.

5. Wait for Manufacturer Rebates

If you decide the best option is to buy the product brand new from a store, then wait to see if there are any online offers or rebates available on the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes, they will post such things beside the product, or if you were to purchase the product directly from them. It’ll also provide additional information regarding future models to be released, as well as all the features and warranty information you will need.

By Lizzie Weakley


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