5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Mobile Sales Apps

Once upon a time, wholesalers struggled to get their sales representatives to collect orders quickly and accurately while out in the field, costing them valuable time and money. However, with the many sales tools available today, processing orders on site can be achieved without relying on traditional solutions. A powerful option that can improve and strengthen a business’ sales strategy is with the use of mobile sales apps.

mobile sales apps

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Mobile applications or apps are software programs developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile sales apps benefit small and large businesses alike because of the convenience and accessibility they offer. If you haven’t taken advantage of these cost-effective sales apps for your business yet, then here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting one:

1.       Ensure sales reps know which products are in stock and which aren’t

A common complaint among customers is that sales reps are often too focused on their sales pitch, making guarantees on superior product features and timely delivery that they tend to disregard one of the most important details – availability of product. But with a sales app that is in sync with a company’s inventory management software or program, sales reps can easily check which products are in stock or not without having to make loads of phone calls back to the main office or warehouse.

2.       Have a catalogue and product brochure in one

A sales app will make it easier for your agents to browse through your entire product catalogue with the use of their smartphone or tablet. No need to carry folders of catalogues and product brochures that would only bore clients. This is not only convenient for your agents but to the environment, as well, since you can minimise your paper consumption.

3.       Access customer information with ease

Sales apps also make it possible for sales reps to record and obtain relevant customer information, such as billing and delivery address, ordering history and outstanding balances, for faster transactions. This will help you and your agents to provide a personalised service and thus, resulting to better customer relationships.

4.       Spend less time sorting through documents and more time growing your business

If your field sales agents are still using manual, paper-based systems to process orders, it would be nearly impossible for them to spend less than an hour to complete a transaction. Plus, you would need to reconcile certain documents first before proceeding with despatch. A sales app would guarantee accuracy and faster order processing, which means you can focus on what’s important: your business.

5.       Be on the same page with everyone

The ability to create centralised notes is an added feature of some sales apps. This feature allows sales reps to record previous customer activity and share this with the others so everyone could be on the same page. This prevents the risk of forgetting or misplacing any pertinent customer information.

In today’s digital age, businesses need to stay updated with the recent technological advancements in order to gain an edge over their customers and avoid being left behind. Be sure to make a careful research on the sales apps available in the market today to choose one that’s best for your business.

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including stock control software and other fields. Wright considers Jobsync as one of the leading sales software.

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