5 Of The Weirdest iPhone Apps You’ve Ever Seen

Bring some freshness to your iPhone experience with these weird but wonderful iPhone apps. They might not make you the richest person in the world, they might not even DO anything at all, but they’re sometimes charming, often silly, and mostly, extremely addictive to use. If you’ve been dying to impress your friends with some extremely fun time wasters, these app ideas are just what you’re looking for.


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Annoy-a-Teen (59p)

If you ever find yourself in the awkward situation where a gang of delinquent teens start bothering you and calling you names, whip out your iPhone and, before they can get a grab at it, run this life-saving app. It’s secret power is high-frequency sounds that can only be heard by teenagers. When you’ve got them all convulsing like they’ve OD’ed on some bad drug, their hands covering their ears and begging for mercy, you’ll know that this app has saved your dignity as you step passed them and into a quieter, more pleasant world.

iBeer (£1.19)

Turn your iPhone into a glass of frosty, ice-cold beer with this app that fills your iPhone screen like a pint glass of thirst-quenching nectar. Your friends will watch in amazement and jelousy as you tip your iPhone towards your mouth, letting the beer actually "flow" from your phone, giving the impression that you’re in fact drinking the beer. Unfortunately you won’t actually get drunk off the beer – but don’t worry, they’re working on it for the next upgrade!

iFart (Free)

You can probably guess what this app’s all about. If you enjoy making rides on the elevator, trips to the dentist, or just any situation in general, really awkward – here’s an app that can help you out. The extensive library of fart sounds this app has to offer is uncontested, and probably took hundreds of man-hours (and perhaps some woman-hours) to compile. If fart sounds make you laugh, this app is a keeper.

Drunk Dialer (59p)

This app is one of the best of the bunch. If you have an uncontrollable habit to call up your exes while drunk, or ring up the boss to discuss your next promotion, or just randomly calling up innocent people to ask them if their fridge is running away, then this app is for you. It will require you to hold the phone steady when calling – a simple feat for when you’re sober, and totally impossible while inebriated. Save yourself those awkward day-after conversations and do yourself a favour – download this app ASAP.

iSteam (59p)

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to take your iPhone with you into the shower? Well, wonder no more! This app covers your screen with virtual steam and even allows you to write on it – just like the steamed-up mirror in your bathroom! The app comes complete with the squeaky sounds of finger on glass, as well as the calming sounds of water droplets running down your screen. So pointless, yet so much fun!

Article by Edan Barak

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