5 of the Best Ways to Use Your Computer to Its Full Potential

If there is one thing both developers and users can agree on, it is the notion that the personal computer has not yet reached its full potential. Even if we leave aside everything but education, the proof we aren’t making full use of the tools and technologies we’ve invented is there isn’t a single school district in America with a comprehensive computer curriculum universally available to its students.


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If computers have potential beyond what we’ve utilized so far, how can we get the most benefit from our computers?


If there is one thing a computer can do that few other technologies can, it can serve as a tool to educate its users. The most basic feature of a computer is its interactivity. Not only can a computer store knowledge, it can process it. That means it can check a user’s work for accuracy based on pre-selected criteria and then change the conditions of the learning environment based on what it finds.

There are multi-billion dollar games that use the exact same technology to guide players from low levels to high levels. Why isn’t that being used to educate students?


A moderately priced personal computer is capable of performing all the calculations necessary to complete tax returns for everyone (and every business) in the state where it was sold in less than an hour. Modern microprocessors are capable of billions of mathematical calculations a second. Five PCs could likely file a tax return for everyone who has ever lived in the United States in a day.

Yet, the overwhelming majority of people have never used their computer to perform a single extemporaneous mathematical calculation.

Operating System

The personal computer has been crippled by sub-standard software for more than 30 years. To get the best use out of a computer, it is necessary to install and maintain the best possible software. Mac OS X, Android and Linux are all far more secure, far less expensive, and far more capable operating systems than the popular alternative, especially considering all three have been in heavy development at companies far larger than Microsoft for decades.


Personally utilized automation is almost non-existent. IT Services have made this available to business, but individual access has been scarce. The reasons for this have to do with many factors, but the most likely is personal computer owners don’t know what is possible. Even something as simple as recording a television show, or scheduling the dispensing of pet food or turning lights on and off are well within the abilities of PCs and automation software. The electricity savings alone are worth the effort.

Document Streaming

The days of losing a paper document and having to get it replaced should be part of history. However, because personal computers are not being used to produce personal and business document archives, people still have to contend with the possibility that a hard-to-replace document will vanish. Between scanners, optical character recognition software and the incredible capacity of SSDs and hard drives, this should no longer be an issue.

What humanity accomplished in computer science prior has been amazing. However, we can always do better and in the process we can make things easier and less expensive for every computer user. If you want to learn more about what your computer can do it is always a good idea to contact professionals like the people at managed services Ottawa. By doing that you can learn so much about technology that you never knew before.

By Kara Masterson

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