5 Must Have Money Management Apps for iPhone and Android

Many people use iPhones and smart phones powered by Android technology. The increasing popularity of these modern devices has resulted in creation of many apps that can be used with them.

You, no longer, need to use a laptop or a desktop for money management. It can now be easily done using iPhones and Android phones as there are many apps designed for this purpose.

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Here, we will quickly overview 5 must have money management apps that are made for iPhones and Android phones. These apps are the best of their category and provide you with a lot of features. They are very user friendly and easy to use. They facilitate smooth handling of your investments, stocks and budgets.

1. Mint

Trustworthiness is a major concern when a third party service is used to handle confidential personal data. Mint is a freeware app created by Intuit that you can rely upon for online management of your finances. It can be done with security and convenience. When you feed in the details of your bank accounts and credit cards, all financial transactions connected with them can be automatically downloaded. A track record of all your transactions is maintained to provide you with a deeper insight of how your money flows. It can eliminate the need of hiring a Chartered Accountant to take care of your finances. Currently, support is available only for banking institutions of the United States. You get an e-mail notification immediately after money is credited or debited on your account as in the case of salary payments, withdrawals or deposits of huge amounts etc. The notifications are customizable.

2. Paypal

Paypal is a certified service that you can use to send or receive money online. Paypal apps are available for iPhone as well as Android based phones. These apps are very handy when you need to transfer money on the go.

3. Square

Using Square, you can receive money from a person who uses a credit card. This app is free of cost. A small application form needs to be filled after it is downloaded. This application form is reviewed by a team at Squareup.com and they send you a free card reader through mail, once it is sanctioned. After plugging in the card reader to your iPhone or Android phone, you can start Square. On device activation, you are ready to get money from anyone, anytime and anywhere.

4. Taxcaster

Paying taxes is a thing everyone is worried about. There are many complications involved, that we get confused, when it comes to tax payments. However, Intuit has come up with an app called Taxcaster that makes everything easy. It will help you to learn about tax deductions and W2. You can estimate your financial standing before filing income tax returns.

5. SigFig

News about the latest fluctuations in the stock market will be in your pocket with this wonderful app. It synchronizes easily with your stock accounts and keeps a real-time record of all your activities. You can manage your funds, socks, 401Ks and IRAs with SigFig.

Using one or more of these apps will give you full control of your finances and make economic management, very easy for you.

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