5 Most Powerful Gaming PCs

This article will help you choose the best gaming PC.

The Alienware Aurora R7

The 8thNVIDIA GeForce-GTX-1070 Ti graphics processor. Together they support high-end games like the MMO, RTS,


  • Pascal architecture, 2434 cores for 3X performance and 8GB-GDDR5 frame buffer.
  • Relative boost-clock 1.8X and actual boost clock 1683MHZ.
  • 8GBPS memory speed.


The combination of the CPU and the GPU with the PCI-Express X16 interface in watts remain within the lowest range. The GPU can endure the higher temperature up to 770C at peak performance over the extended period.


The Alienware supports a RAM of 16GB and 2666GHz based on the DDR4-SDRAM technology. With a configuration of 2X8GB, the system can support multiplayer online games like the Rise of the tomb raider, battlefield-1, gears of war-4, etc. The performance rating has remained consistently at 95% and above.  The 2.265TB hard disk space can save thousands of high-end modern games. The Killer-E2400 Ethernet card, Bluetooth, and Killer Wi-Fi offer high-speed internet connection with maximum bandwidth.

DELL XPS Tower Special Edition

The sixth-Gen Intel-Core i5-6400 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce-GTX-970 4GB DDR5 GPU offer some of the exciting features of the 2-D and 3-D games. The system has a clock speed of 6M Cache to the maximum of 3.3GHZ.


  • The Maxwell architecture of the GeForce-GTX-970 1664 cores has a frame buffer of 4GB-GDDR5and 3X performance.
  • Memory speed is 6GBPS. The system has a relative boost clock of 1x and actual value of 1178MHZ.

The system supports high-end games from the genres of the MMO, battlefield, strategy games, shooters, RPGs, and the sports games, etc. The frame rate varies from 568FPS to 74+FPS at the resolution of 1920X1080, 2560X1440.


The performance rating of the Dell XPS with 8GB-2133MHZ RAM can be enhanced up to 64GB through custom hardware upgrade. The CPU and the GPU can work at the higher temperature of 70+-degree Celsius at the consistent level of efficiency.


The Dell XPS provides the support for the 15.6″ HD, with antiglare LCD. The camera and microphone are WWAN-compatible. Support for Wi-Fi and the high-end Gigabit-Ethernet card makes the system compatible with the high bandwidth internet connection. 1TB HDD with inbuilt windows ten personal edition Alienware Aurora R7.  But it is still a worthy buy for your home gaming.


The system has an AMD-RYZEN-1700 processor (3GHZ) and the NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX 1070 (8GB video-memory) GPU.  They offer high-end gaming experience with low noise and high speed. The system is rated to be ideal for the FPS, RTS, MOBA, and the flight simulator games with consistent performance.


  • The Pascal architecture of the NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX 1070 1920 cores has a frame buffer of 8GB-GDDR5 and a performance of 3X.
  • Memory speed is 8GBPS. The system has a relative boost clock of 1.4x and actual value of 1683MHZ


The GPU is almost compatible with the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti of the Alienware, except in the Cores, wherein the Ti scores higher. But the system delivers the equivalent display, frame rate, and other features. The system offers an average 60 FPS at 1920X1080. The maximum value is 70FPS at 2560X1440. You can get the best experience in the game like the Evil within-2.


The ASUS G11 DF has an HDD capacity of 1.26TB with support for Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.1 internet connectivity. OS is Windows 10-64-bit edition. RAM capacity is 8GB which is extendable up to 32GB (2400MHZ).


The system has an Intel Core i7 (2.GHZ) processor and the ATI-Mobility RADEON HD-4830 GPU. The CYBERPOWERPC supports mid-range games, which can be played using the DirectX-10 features. Extended support for the MOBA, FPS, racing simulators and the compatibility for multiplayer internet games make the system ideal for the home gaming experience.


The ATI-Mobility RADEON HD-4830 GPU provides the maximum resolution of 2560X1600 and a frame rate of 60+FPS.

  • GDDR3-SDRAM technology.
  • The GPU has compatibility with all the gaming applications which can be played on the DirectX-10 system.


The GDDR3-SDRAM technology combines the mid-range GPU with the Intel Core i7 processor to generate some of the best visual effects for the 2-D games. On the 3-D front, the GPU is still at the intermediate level compared to the other GPUs listed above.


The CYBRERPOWERPC supports an HDD of 1TB and memory of 6GB DDR3-SDRAM. The system supports the Network-Ethernet-10/100/100.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900

The system has a 6th-Gen Intel Core i7 6700l (4GHZ) processor and NVIDIA GeForce-GTX 980 GPU with 4GB of video memory. It supports two interfaces of the DVI and the HDMI types. With the Game-stream support and super dynamic resolution, the system can be used for paying vast range of FPS, MOBA, RTS, flight simulation and other DirectX-10 compatible games.


NVIDIA GeForce-GTX 980 GPU has a resolution of 5120X3200 at the digital version. The VGA version resolution is 2048 X 1536 pixels. The system can be connected to 4 monitors simultaneously. The standard rate is 70+FPS for the VGA mode and 80+FPS for the digital mode.

  • Base clock speed is 1126MHZ, and the boost clock speed is 1216MHZ.
  • With the GDDR5 technology, 7GBPS memory clock, and the 4GB video memory, the system can support 2-D and 3-D gaming efficiently.


The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 has a high-performance rating for the full GPU and CPU utilization during the gameplay. The buffering efficiency between the CPU, RAM, HDD, and the GPU enables continuous frame movement and action with no delays.


The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 has an HDD of 256GB and a memory of 64GB.  Additional support for Ethernet card, Window-10 64bit home edition and WiFi make the system compatible for the multipurpose online games.

By Edward J. Craft


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