5 Mobile Business Apps You Should be Using

Mobile business applications are a great way for your employees to coordinate with the main office, share data and interact with customers or vendors. With all of the different business applications that are available, which ones should your company be using to help your mobile workforce? Five business applications that you should be using include social media, analytics, data capture, payment and ordering. These applications will help your organization with reducing overhead, creating more accurate business forecasting, interact with your customer base and increase the real-time applications of enterprise mobility software.


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Social Media

The way that people research and interact with businesses continues to change. In early 2000, statistics showed that 60% of consumers were researching products and services online before determining what companies they would patronize. Even if they were going to do business locally, these customers would still research the organization on the Internet in order to determine if they were the best company to work with.

Not only has the number of people who research businesses online increased over the last decade, it has also evolved. As social media sites continue to gain importance, many individuals are gathering information and talking to potential companies on these social sites. This is because most people believe that Internet research alone only has a certain level of credibility. Most of that information is offered by businesses and these businesses are going to have a different perspective than other consumers. By talking with friends and followers on social media sites, consumers believe that they can receive a more accurate picture about an organization and its offerings. Using social media business applications, a company and its employees can interact with brand followers and offer them the information they need to make an accurate decision about the organization.


A business isn’t stagnant, it continues to grow and change as needed in reaction to the market and the economy. There are many different analytics that a company needs to review in order to streamline processes and create more accurate business forecasting. Analytical business applications can help gather information, organize it and allow users to review the compiled data from anywhere. This helps with internal business applications as well as helping people in the field gain the information they need when making presentations.

Data Capture

The ability for people in the field to capture and transmit data is a vital aspect of enterprise mobility. There are many different business applications that a company can utilize in order to help its mobile workforce and market access and transmit information. These applications include the ability to create and transmit forms, sales receipts and reports. Business apps that allow the device to scan a barcode will help people in the field create accurate reports for stock at different stores or warehouses. Applications that interact with QR codes will help potential customers learn more about a company as well is have their contact information entered into the lead’s mobile device.


With the new ability of smart phones being able to accept credit cards the company’s mobile workforce makes accounts receivable simpler and faster. There are many different mobile apps available based on the kind of relationship the company has with different credit card companies.


Ordering mobile applications can help employees in the field order more stock for a specific store when they are checking inventory. These mobile applications are also beneficial when an employee is on a site and needs to order material from a vendor. Finally, these applications can also be used by customers to order new products from any location.

Many of these different business applications already exist and can be used or purchased by a company for their own needs. However, some of these applications do not coordinate well with different enterprise mobility software. When a company is looking for enterprise mobility options, they should determine whether the software they are reviewing has mobile applications available or if the company will have to have them created in order to leverage the convenience and optimization that business apps offer a company.

Robert Stanley is a content producer at ClickSoftware’s mobile business apps, a company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile business apps.

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