5 Great Ways to Further Your Gadget and Tech Knowledge

If you find yourself fascinated by all the new technologies available in today’s world then your thirst for new and exciting information is probably unquenchable. But the main question is: Where do you go for all your gadget reviews and specs? You want to be knowledgeable but not sure where to start. The following is just a couple of areas to help you get started with just such a task.


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Reading Authoritative Articles

If you want to become tech savvy, one must first start by informing themselves with the newest technologies available. One way to do that is to read. Yes, unfortunately, it is difficult to work around this one, but it is very beneficial for those on the prowl. A great place to start would be technology magazines or articles about high tech gadgets that are written by an unaffiliated, authoritative author. Sometimes these can be very technical and may not help you very much at first. Just start out simple and look for an author who you understand. Working your way up will help you recognize quality gadgets when they pop up.

Have a Keen Eye

One of the best ways to learn anything new is to actually watch other people doing it. With the advances in technology and communication in today’s world, it is very easy now to be taught something through a video. Videos are accessed easily through websites like YouTube, Vimeo, or even HackerNews. By watching how others do it, this can help grow your own confidence plus you can get various different viewpoints for the same subject material.

Writing It Down

For most learners, one of the most important steps of any learning process is to actually write down what you do. If you keep a journal or make blog entries, this can help you remember the previous steps you took and what changes you may or may not need to make in order to reach your goal. By writing it down, this also helps you internalize more the actions you took to learn that specific gadget or technology.

Lefty or Righty

Another way that perhaps is not thought of frequently is taking into account your actual brain. Your brain has two sides, the left is logical and analytic while the right is where are your creativity happens. Sometimes in order to understand new technology, you must be creative and think outside the box, so take some courses or studies that allow you to be creative. Or it could be something even as simple as creating your own scrapbook. Using this side of the brain could help you to understand better this new wave of technology.

Going to College

Last but not least, one of the best ways to gather knowledge is to study it in a school setting. There are courses that sometimes allow you to have hands-on experiences with the subject matter. If you want to go all out in the field of study, something along the lines of majoring in Computer Science would be a very good beginning for endeavor of being tech savvy. Whether or not you want to major in this field, continuing education courses for adults, like a New Jersey Institute of Technology computer science masters degree online, can be another great way to obtain technology knowledge "on your own time" if you have a hectic lifestyle.

Take the Plunge

The most important thing to remember when beginning to learn anything new is to be aware of your own learning wants, needs, and styles. You will want to study the way that is most effective for you so that you can be successful at it. Technology can be complicated at times, but if you are patient enough, you too will become skilled in no time at all. Just work through it and stick to it, you will be glad you did!

By Meghan Belnap

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