5 Great Places to Buy Electronic Gadgets in Bahrain

Your summer holiday is here, and you are probably filled with a heart throbbing experience as you enjoy the scenic views across Bahrain’s exotic tour attractions, your destination of choice. It then hits you that you urgently need to replace one of you favourite electronic gadgets either as a result of technical issue or even loss of one Well, you need not worry as Bahrain is not only known for its’ beautiful attractions but also for the presence of classy Shopping malls with defined architectural designs that offer wide range of products to their customers. Electronic stores are highly sophisticated across Bahrain in terms of the goods and customer- friendly services they offer. Compiled is a list of 5 great Electronic stores you must visit on your holiday gateway in Bahrain.

Top 5 great places to buy Electronics in Bahrain

The Bahrain Mall

Located right in the heart of Bahrain’s capital, Bahrain Mall is a luxurious hypermarket of international standards and definitely the place to be when in search of quality, durable electronic gadgets. This mall is monstrous both in size and stock as it offers wide range of Electronics and household goods, with over 100 international brands. From sound systems, televisions and to even small handheld gadgets, you name it your quest for that perfect replacement ends here.

Moda Mall

If you are that person whose shopping experience is defined by class, then this is your ultimate destination. Moda mall is a high-end and luxurious shopping mall located at the World Trade centre in Manama. EIt’s not easy to notice as it’s hosted within the World Trade centre.

Bahrain city centre mall

This happens to be one of the largest malls around Bahrain and also stands out as one of the best places to purchase an electronic. Bahrain city centre mall houses numerous electronic stores with diverse brands of various gadgets. You will easily come across Estores like Sony, Samsung and LG retailing various households’ electronics at various prices. It’s up to you to make a choice depending on your taste.

Seef Mall

Any buyer is bound to fall in love with what Seef mall Bahrain has to offer in terms of Electronic gadgets. It has over 10 fully stocked electronic stores that have exactly what you are looking for. Be it mobile phones or even replacable items for various gadgets, you will surely find them here. Point to note is the manner in which payment for goods has been made easier. With just a single swipe of your Bahrain visa, you could buy whatever good you want from this store.

Bab Del-Bahrain souk in Manama

This is the perfect shopping place for an electronic shopper as the gadgets are not only cheap but the shopping experience is also unforgettable. Souk means market and hence the first thing you notice upon your arrival is the perfect alignment of stalls stocked with different types of goods in the open air. The vendors in the stalls are engaging and kind as they advertise their goods to clients engraving in you a feeling of nostalgia that you would wish to relive. Here, you will find various electronic gadgets at affordable prices too.

Bahrain definitely has plenty to offer and while enjoying the rich culture and scenic beauty of Bahrain, it’s worth noting that you’re shopping experience is also catered for.

By Cristiana Victoria

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