5 Great Gadgets That Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Getting a computer virus or malware can not only be frustrating, but it can also be harmful to your protected information. Viruses and malware are intended to be disruptive, and they can destroy your family photos, videos, bank information, and whatever else you store on your computer. Luckily, as computer viruses get more advanced, so does computer virus protection. Here is a list of 5 great gadgets that protect your computer from viruses.

5 Great Gadgets That Protect Your Computer From Viruses

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Firewall Software

Firewall software helps protect your computer by monitoring the traffic that goes in and out of your computer and on the computer network. Many times, a virus that is brought on by other computers in your network can be the cause of a virus on your own personal computer. Having a firewall installed will allow you to restrict, encrypt or proxy computer traffic that is on your network. This is an often overlooked, but very helpful, method of protecting your computer.

Legitimate Software

It’s an unfortunate truth that often times people run pirated software on their computers. Either because they think everyone else is doing it, or they want to save a few bucks, pirated software is very popular with the online community. That said, pirated software is also one of the most common causes of viruses and malware. When you download a pirated program, you are susceptible to all of the links and add-ons that come with that software. If you are looking to save your computer and your personal information, purchasing legitimate programs is very important, as well as legally and morally ethical.

Online Tech Support

If you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, or if you come across a problem that you simply don’t know how to fix, you can rely on an online tech support company to help diagnose your computer and get your back up and running. A company like iTok, is very reliable and trustworthy. Not only will they help you with your issue, but they will also inform you of other options you can take to add continued protection to your personal information.

External Hard Drive

External hard drives have gone down quite a bit in price, making them more accessible to people looking to protect their information. External hard drives are very popular, as you can save all of your important documents, pictures and more on the device and only access it when needed. Furthermore, you can use an external hard drive to back up your entire system every so often, which is very helpful in the case of an entire system failure.

Wireless Adapter

Sure, it’s great to use the wireless network of someone in your apartment complex who doesn’t have a Wi-Fi protected password. But many people are surprised to find out how susceptible to viruses you are by using these networks. These networks often times are open so unsuspecting people will use them, and then the moderator can alter the visiting computer. By purchasing your own wireless adapter and adding a safe password to it, you can assure that unwanted visitors will not be viewing your computer or using your wireless network.

There are people out there who are looking to use your technology against you. People who don’t mind ruining years of saved material and information and the effects it may have on you. However, with many of the technology advancements and gadgets available today, you can do your best to protect yourself against potentially harmful situations.

Article by Casey Haslem

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