5 Fresh Ways You Can Market Your Tech Brand

Perhaps you recently decided to pursue your dream of starting a new tech business, such as those located in Silicon Valley. If you decided to take the leap and start this new tech business, it is in your best interests to learn all about the different ways in which you can market your tech brand. Most techies are not aware of the fact that interpersonal communication skills can make or break a new computer business. Here are five tips that your business can’t live without in moving forward to success.


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1. Use innovative social media tools

Always be on the lookout for the latest social media tools to incorporate into the marketing of your tech business. It is not enough to simply "be on Facebook." You have to constantly chat with customers and offer them solutions for the problems that they face. You should also incorporate a hyperlink to Facebook and other forms of social media on your company’s website.

2. Use Legitimate SEO Tactics

If you’re a tech company in 2013, search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and brand is absolutely essential. Get in touch with companies that you know don’t outsource their SEO. Make sure you do all you can to build legitimate links through guest posting, creating blogging and building relationships with thriving companies and people in the tech industry. Do not outsource your SEO to companies that offer to gain you exposure through cheap links through low-quality article sites and content farms. These SEO tactics are ineffective and may actually count against you when it comes to Google’s ranking of your site.

3. Use promotional products in smart ways

Your tech business will succeed if it uses promotional products in smart ways to communicate with customers. Using promotional items that are imprinted with the logo of your company is one way to build the brand of your company. Be sure to order tech-related promotional items such as branded USB drives, mouse pads, screen cleaners and other computer accessories to tie in the theme of your high-tech products or services with your marketing campaigns. You will also be establishing relationships when you decide to give out custom backpacks to your most loyal customers or use them as giveaways for Facebook contests. Customers will appreciate these useful giveaways or premiums and remember your company when they use them.

4. Take your time when meeting with customers

Remember that customers may have attempted to fix a computer product or learn about social media on their own before consulting with your tech business. As such, your tech company should take the time to carefully understand the needs of customers without rushing through appointments or service calls. It’s important to make each customer feel respected and appreciated.

5. Create an account on Pinterest

One of the most powerful forms of social media that your tech company can use for building a brand is Pinterest. Customers love to see the more humane side of a business as displayed through a medium like Pinterest. Your business will go a long way in winning customers when it regularly posts updates on a Pinterest account.

These are five of the best ways that your tech company will succeed in building its brand. Take a risk and be willing to connect with customers. You never know how far your tech business will go.

Article by Dixie Somers

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