5 Fresh Ways To Grow Your Facebook Following

Social media marketing has been growing considerably in popularity and acceptance over the years as a marketing channel. Many new businesses are expanding their reach to social platforms like Facebook, and once they do, the first thing they attempt to do is increase Facebook fans to their fan page. There are many ways to do this, some of which will be discussed here.

How To Grow Your Facebook Following

1. Buy Facebook likes: Although this portends a grey hat technique, it can significantly increase your Facebook following if done correctly. It is advisable to critically discriminate between several sellers of Facebook likes to find one that provides top quality service. On the surface, this looks like it doesn’t work. But the real benefit comes from other people noticing that your fan page already has lots of likes and then joining them to become a fan too. Let’s face it; no one wants to join an obscure fan page with a small number of likes.

2. Leverage Facebook ads: With Facebook ads, you can advertise your fan page in front of a targeted audience – those that are likely to be interested in your business and the content you produce. Some companies have used this method to obtain over 30,000 Facebook likes in record time. If they could do it, there is nothing stopping you from replicating them.

3. Streamline the liking process: If it is even remotely difficult to find and like your fan page, be rest assured that you will only get a measly percentage of the number of likes you would have received otherwise. In other words, put a "LIKE" button on your website using one of the Facebook social plugins available so that your visitors, both returning and new visitors, can easily like your fan page. Other ways you can make it easier for your visitors to like your fan page are:

– implementing Facebook comments on your website
– embedding Facebook videos on your website

4. Lock exceptional content for likes: A widely used and notably efficacious strategy for increasing email subscribers is offering a free ebook that is exclusive to subscribers. This same strategy is applicable in growing your Facebook fans. First, you have to create an interesting and highly informative video or ebook that is attractive enough to inspire the desire to access it. Then lock it in a way that it will only be accessible to people who have liked your fan page. People will be passively compelled to like your fan page as a result. Make sure you promote the video or ebook you create for maximum exposure and impact.

5. Use your email list: If you have a list with a fairly large or sizable number of subscribers, you can embed a link to your fan page in your email signature. It will be visible to all your subscribers and you can expect a good number of them to respond to your implicit invitation to like your Facebook page.


Creating note-worthy content and updating your fan page regularly are also effective ways to increase Facebook fans. That said, those who buy Facebook likes and employ other strategies simultaneously are more likely to get faster and amazing results.

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