5 Exciting Tech Gadgets Your Home Needs this Summer

Update the look and feel of your home this upcoming summer season by investing in some of the newest, most popular tech gadgets to hit the market. Gadgets and technology have become a part of our everyday lives. Many of these gizmos can actually make day to day activities more enjoyable, efficient and easier for both adults and children alike. If you have been saving up to give your home some new bells and whistles, now is the time to splurge and spend those savings. Consider purchasing these top 5 exciting tech gadgets that every home needs this summer.

Alarm Clock

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Sony Eclipse

The Sony Eclipse is a brand new tech gadget that is perfect to invest in this summer. By simply sticking the Sony Eclipse to a window that receives a lot of sunlight during the summer, it uses its photovoltaic cells to gain solar power, meaning that there is absolutely no charging or energy usage required to run your Eclipse. Enjoy your media player in all areas throughout your home or while on the go, listening to your favorite music, browsing the internet, receiving weather updates and much more.

iQ Alarm clock

If you have a difficult time getting up and staying up in the morning, your home may need the iQ Alarm clock. Rather than being able to click on the snooze button, you must answer questions in order for the alarm to shut off. This ensures that you will get up to enjoy your summer day.

LULA Lung Lamp

Hire a Marietta air conditioning service to take care of your air quality concerns or invest in the LULA Lung Lamp gadget that can assist you in improving the air quality found around your home. This handy little gadget will collect data about the air quality in the room and even warn you about the risks that are associated with the current quality. You can even find out how to improve and avoid these problems, giving you healthier air to breathe on a day to day basis.

iChef+ Oven

Learn how to prepare a delicious meal this summer by using the iChef+ Oven. This user-friendly device uses a helpful computer to teach you exactly how to prepare and cook different types of meals like chicken, beef, steak and more. Bake your entrees at the right temperatures with ease without worrying about them burning.

The ON Switch

Upgrade those boring old light switches and replace them with the ON Switch. Using LED lettering, simply tap the screen to turn your lights on and off in style.

By opting to purchase and install these exciting tech gadgets this summer, you are sure to have one of the coolest, most user-friendly, technologically advanced homes on the block.

Article by Dixie Somers

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