5 Cool Ways You Can Control Your Home From Your Smartphone

It’s amazing what can be done with all of this new technology available to us! And one of the wonderful things possible is the ability to take care of things in our homes while we’re away. Here are 5 cool ways that you can control your home directly from your smart phone!

5 Cool Ways You Can Control Your Home from Your Smartphone

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Control Your Thermostat

Tired of coming home to a freezing house after the holidays? With Nest, you don’t have to anymore! Nest is a heating system with an app you can download right onto your smartphone, making it possible for you to electronically adjust your temperature settings in your house. It even learns your schedule over time, and begins to adjust the heat on its own. How nifty is that?

Control Your Security System

Lockitron is an excellent app that connects to the lock on your front door and your security system. When you’re away, it alerts you to any suspicious behavior so that you can act immediately. You can even use the device as an electronic key for your neighbors who water your plants during your vacation. With the ability to set time limits for the lock to be open, this app is an excellent way to work with  just about any system. A Grand Junction home security system expert said, “having the ability to control your home from your smartphone or mobile device adds a new cost effect element that appeals to a whole new market, it is no longer and elite.

Control Your Lights

For anyone interested in coming home to a lit up house, Hue is the app for you. Not only does it let you turn the lights on and off, but you can control the color and brightness of the Hue light bulbs with just a button on your Smartphone. With this, you don’t even have to upgrade to newer lamps or light fixtures over time!

Control Feeding Your Pet

If your schedule keeps you from being able to feed your pet regularly, you don’t have to leave the responsibility to your neighbors. There is fantastic technology with apps like Pintofeed that allow your feeder to dispense food whenever you tell it to, also giving you a camera visual to confirm the deposit of food.

Start Your Vehicle

For those cold winter days when you wish you could somehow start up your car without having to actually go outside, that is now an option with apps like Viper, a connecting application to your vehicle that gives you the ability to start your car as well as the heater or air conditioner.

With all of these great new ways to control your home and make your life more convenient, it can get expensive trying to purchase all of these apps. But if you’re looking for complete electronic control on a more constrained budget, a great way is to go with a third party company that can supply all of your needs with one bill. Vivint in Milwaukee WI is an excellent service that can provide for your necessities at a better price. So however you enter into this technological age, remember there are companies out there that can help to make your life better.

By Rianne Hunter

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