5 Cool Gadgets And Apps That Help You Run A Home Business

When you run your own business from home you have make sure you have all the equipment that will enable you to do everything. If the business doesn’t run smoothly disaster can strike and because you don’t work for anyone else you’re not guaranteed money at the end of the month. Nowadays a lot of the things that can help you will be special gadgets and apps because technology has taken over the world. We’re going to take a look at some of the things you might want to use.

A Bluetooth headset


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When you don’t want to be stuck inside your home all day you might decide to go out somewhere. If you’re in your car it’s going to be tricky pulling over to the side of the road when you get a phone call. You won’t need to if you have a Bluetooth headset because you can safely answer the phone without stopping. This is really important if you usually get a lot of phone calls because it’s just not safe holding the phone to your ear.

A good microphone

Talking to someone over Skype is great because you get to look at their face. It’s important when it comes to anything to do with business because you want to see what the other person is thinking. You can’t do that when you can only hear their voice. It’s really hard trying to have a conversation when the other person can’t hear you. I microphone means you don’t need to repeat everything you say a hundred times because it’s very unprofessional.


When you’re running a business you come up with a hundred different ideas every day and the trick is to catch as much of them as possible before they slip out of your mind. When you have Evernote on your phone you can take a note of anything whenever it pops into your head and it means you don’t have to run around looking for a piece of paper. If you are someone who can’t remember what they ate for their last meal you need something like this right now.

A big whiteboard

The funny thing about most people working from home is that they can’t seem to get as much done because they don’t have a set schedule and nobody is pushing them. You must know what I mean and some days you will feel like you haven’t accomplished what you should have. Having a whiteboard allows you to write a giant to-do-list and because it’s right beside you the days of you not accomplishing much will be gone forever.

An iPad

The great thing about having an iPad is that your office won’t need to be the only place you can work. If you take your iPad down to the local coffee shop you should be able to get most stuff done and you’re more productive because you don’t have to stare at the same four walls all the time. I suppose you could take a laptop instead, but you always need somewhere to put it down and with an iPad you can sit with it in your hands.

A standing desk

You might think sitting down is more comfortable, but I bet your body doesn’t like it very much. When you work at a desk all day you’re training yourself to have poor posture and in the future it could give you serious back trouble. You can buy standing desks now and you have lots to choose from. Some of them will even rise up when you press a button, so you can do some of your work standing and some sitting down.

Matt Lewis, a gadget lover and a father works work HeadsetOnline.com.au, an online retail store that sells cordless headphones, DJ headphones and many other accessories.

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