5 Benefits of playing games for children

Video Games are something that parents are sometimes really annoyed of. There are a lot of parents that are against video games because of them, they see their children glued to the video game consoles or the g2k games on computer. Which is fair, anything that keeps going on for a while gets annoying. But if played fair, video games can be very informative and advantageous for your children. Here’s how:

5 Benefits of playing games for children 1

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1.    Decision Making

Video games are of different types. There are many games that require the player to make certain decision to advance further in the game. Now these decisions can’t be made just like that, the player need to assess the situation, recall everything that has happened before in the game, study the character that is being played, and then make the most appropriate decision. This increases your child’s decision-making skills and helps them in making hard decisions.

2.    Deductive Abilities

Deductive abilities are a very rare skill. Ever heard of Sherlock Holmes? Well excellent deductive abilities are Sherlock’s super power. Where some people are gifted with such ability, there are many that don’t have a strong deductive ability. But when you practice, you can get good at almost anything. Deduction stands on assessing the environment and coming to the most logical hypothesis. Many games make the player solve puzzle and problems that can’t be solved without having great deductive abilities, thus playing these games trains your mind into getting better at deduction.

3.    Faster Mental Responses

FPS games and many RPG’s have a gameplay that requires extremely fast mental responses. A fast-mental response means that you brain should be extremely fast in making sense of what is happening and responding in the right way in a matter of milliseconds. This kind of ability is only in most of the expert players. Players that play a game in the professional mode or online. When playing a game online, the players come face to face with many expert players that have a lot of experience and have much faster reflexes. Having to go against such players trains your brain to give better and faster responses to keep up.

4.    Better Focus

There are a lot of multiplayer games that require a lot of focus. Even if you get distracted for just a second, you may lose. So, to be on top of your game, you need to be focused. Now the thing about being focused is that you can’t do it that easily. Focusing needs a lot of concentration, and that comes with practice. That more you have control over your brain, the better focus you will have. And by playing your favorite games, you’re practicing to do just that.

5.    Knowledge

There are many games that are based on true history. There are games that provide scientific knowledge, many players have stated that they have a better knowledge of history and a much better English speaking, reading and hearing ability just by playing their favorite game.


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