5 Basics for New Hoverboards Riders

Hoverboards are the latest craze that can be seen on the streets of many large cities. This more sophisticated descendant of the skateboard has gain significant popularity over the last few years. Although they still do not levitate, hoverboards have become a frequent choice of younger generations. So, let’s get to know these vehicle-gadgets from a closer point of view.


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Name disambiguation

The most important feature that every rookie hoverboard rider needs to know is that there are no handles on these cutting-edge wheeled boards. The product that has a vertical post and handles on it is called the Segway. So, be careful when it comes to names, since hoverboards are also sometimes called swegways, but they are different from Segways, so bear that in mind. You do not want end up ordering a Segway instead of a hoverboard.


The riding mechanism

Unlike the skateboard, where you are positioned sideways, on hoverboards you stand looking forward. The board on which you are standing during the ride consists is a pressure-sensitive area. The moment you set your feet on the board, these pads activate the battery and your ride starts. Due to that sensitive area, you make your hoverboard move by putting your body in different positions. If you want to move forward, the only thing you have to do is lean in that direction. The more you lean, the higher is the pressure on the pad. On the other hand, if you want to brake, lean backwards. Since hoverboards start moving the moment you start leaning, hold on to something firm when trying to ride this transportation device for the first time.

Average battery life

When buying your first hoverboard, pay special attention to its battery. The battery of an average hoverboard lasts for about 15 miles. Of course, premium models are equipped with stronger batteries, so they can give you a few more miles; about 17 miles on average. Therefore, when you are analyzing different models, go for the one that will give you a longer ride per single charge. It can be compared to smartphone batteries. No matter how well-crafted the product is, a weak battery will leave a negative impression.

Also, think about single-wheel hoverboards. Some of these models are equipped with more durable batteries, which could be an important advantage. Learn more about these products here.

Speeding expectations

If you are considering getting yourself a self-balancing scooter, you will probably like to know more about its speed possibilities. The maximum speed that an average scooter can reach is about 14 miles per hour. However, since hoverboards are mostly used in urban surroundings, you will rarely have a chance to pass 10 mph. Moreover, riding a hoverboard at a higher speed can also be a risky adventure, since you might put other people at risk. As a result of some hazardous situations, some local governments have made certain restrictions concerning the age of hoverboard riders, as well as speed limits, too [source]. Therefore, even if there are not such rules in your area, avoid exceeding 10 mph in urban traffic. In addition, stick to cycling lanes and never ride your hoverboard on the pavement.

Due to their attractive design and practical use, hoverboards are expected to become even more popular in future. This is why that people who want to start riding them should get familiar with their basic features beforehand. As for the safety issues, you follow your local guidelines and apply some common sense rules, to keep yourself and other people around you safe and sound during your hoverboard rides.

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