4 Weight Loss Apps That Will Help You Stay On Track

When it comes to keeping a consistent workout routine going, having apps that help you to stay on track can be very helpful in this never-leave-the-house-without-a-phone age. Why not download a couple of apps that encourage you with your weight loss? Here are 4 great options for apps that can help encourage you to continue towards your goals!

4 Weight Loss Apps

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1. Lose It!

This great and free app for Androids and iPhones is a popular information giver, a must for anyone serious about watching their food and calorie intake. This app features a barcode scanner for free, a recipe creator, and a database for food and activities that is understandable to read. Anyone with this app has the ability to add their own food ideas and recipes to the database to make available for other users. It also gives each user the ability to track their own nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat.

2. Endomondo

Available for iPhones, Androids and BlackBerries, this app has a GPS tracking route and shows the distance, duration, and calories burned during any workout. Having this informative app saves some space during exercising, since you won’t have to worry about adding another device onto you for that purpose. It can be used for many different sports including bicycle riding, running and walking. It can also be integrated with specific handsets to work with their built-in music players or their Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

3. FoodEducate

Another good app for tracking your food intake, this $1.99-$2.99 app is used to assign scores and points to various foods, in a style very much like Weight Watchers. Not only that, but you can keep your own food diary on your phone with this app, allowing you to pick out foods according to the point system. Taking shortcuts like making regular meals from shakes found at http://www.mealreplacementshakereviews.com/meal-replacement-shake-reviews can do a lot to decrease your calorie intake. You can also add your own foods to the database to determine point values for some of your favorite meals for easy tracking.

4. Fitocracy

One way to really get your motivation going when it comes to weight loss is to make a game out of it! This ever-growing popular app has more than 1 million "Fitocrats" competing against each other, having begun with 2 video gamers interested in getting back into shape. Beginning with Level 1, this app tracks your duration, frequency and difficulty of workouts and moves you up levels depending on the points allotted to you during your "gameplay". This app also allows for the swapping of advice, workouts and encouragement between users.

So while you are setting your goals for weight loss and exercise, find some great apps such as these to add to your phone. The constant encouragement, helpful information and inspiration is there to help you get to where you want to be.

By Jayla Barnsen

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