4 Unique Techie Gadgets That Changed The World

Companies often refer to their latest inventions as revolutionary: Amazon used the same term when it launched the Kindle e-book reader; Steve Jobs went a step further by including the word “magical” when he introduced the awe-inspiring iPad. Nevertheless, the truly revolutionary techie gadgets that changed the world are those you can’t imagine life without them. There are many such gadgets, but this article focuses on only four.


The printing press

It would be hard to imagine how life would be like if Johannes Gutenberg has not created a table-sized contraption with thousands of metallic letters to reproduce the text in 1450. It marked new heights in literacy and the spread of information. The newspapers you read today would never have been possible without the printing press. The current printer is a vastly improved Gutenberg affair that can churn out thousands of pages a day.


According to LiveScience, the TV came after the radio had caused shockwaves around the world. It began as a black and white affair operating on the concept of cathode ray tubes. The TV then mutated into the LED displays you see today. Like the printing press, the TV completely changed people’s lives. Your TV probably has more uses than just giving you the latest news. It has become a lifestyle as virtually every home has a television set.

The Computer

When you look at your high-end laptop, you won’t imagine that the original idea was a behemoth occupying a whole room and far beyond the reach of the average John. Nevertheless, by 1970, home computers were already available but did not gain popularity until IBM created something that cost $1,600, the cheapest at that time. Computers are everywhere today, including learning institutions, such as the Interactive College of Technology (ICT) that offers both Associate Degrees and Diploma Programs. Students and instructors use computers as effective learning devices.

The Smartphone

As the trend towards smaller devices took root, the emergence of smartphones began to take shape. Smartphone-enabled users to browse the internet, send and receive emails and run a broad range of applications, also known as apps. Smartphones have displaced the old cellular phones whose major setback is limited functionality. Today, you can accomplish almost any computer task via your smartphone.

It’s hard to imagine life without the printing press, TV, personal computer and the smartphone. These techie gadgets changed the way people work, communicate and interact with each other. It will be super exciting to be able so see how technology develops more in the future.

By Kara Masterson

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