4 Tech Gadgets That Increase Our Ability to Learn and Retain Information

The ability to not only learn but retain information is a valuable skill. Using this skill can help you excel in a variety of areas, including your career or education. There are traditional methods that can help you in this endeavor, such as memorization and repetition. While these methods are good and have been around for ages, are there perhaps any new ways of learning and retaining information that have opened up due to technology? Fortunately, there are. Below is a list of tech gadgets that can help provide new ways of learning and retaining information.

Smart Boards

This gadget suggestion comes from Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer’s article in Global Citizen. Writing on boards in front of a classroom or for a group of business people is not a new concept. The chalkboard, and more recently the white board, have been around for quite some time. The next evolution in boards, however, is the smart board. There is a variety of types of smart boards that are available. For example, some smart boards allow you to write on them with either a regular marker or a digital one. The smart board records what you write and can project what you draw on it, if using the digital marker. Other smart boards are essentially giant touch screens with Internet capabilities. These smart boards can provide a greater interactive experience for its users.

4 Tech Gadgets That Increase Our Ability to Learn and Retain Information 1

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Smart Tables

According to the same article linked above, even tables are having technology fused into them. This technology can in turn help in learning. According to the article, smart tables are sturdier then the wall-mounted versions, and some versions can handle up to 40 different touch points simultaneously. This can make for a great interactive experience for people of all ages and abilities.

K-12 Online Homeschooling

If you are homeschooling your child, you know that there are unique challenges that come about because of it. One such challenge can be field trips. Without public school funding, taking your kids on a field trip, especially if the destination is far from your home, can be expensive and time consuming. This can pose a real challenge and can be frustrating for both parents and children. Thankfully, there is a technological k12 solution that can allow for remote experience and learning. Connections Academy is an online school filled with quality curriculum that will help your child succeed in the real world.

Computers and Smartphones

While this suggestion may seem a bit obvious or cliché, its simply true, and for good reason. So much of technological learning, and even retention, strategies are done through computers or smartphones. This is typically done through apps and programs that are available. Scott Steinberg’s article on HuffPost has some great ways that people can use computers and smartphones to enhance learning, such as sharing content online, creating interactive maps or using programs like Microsoft Excel. Overall, computers and smartphones are some of the best gadgets to help increase learning and retention due to the variety of apps and programs they can run.

In the end, learning new skills and information can be advantageous for any field, from new skills at your job to continuing you or your child’s education. While there are traditional methods that have been used for a long time, there are news ways of learning that are coming about due to the rise of technology in recent years. Hopefully the list above has given you some ideas on how to increase your ability to learn and retain information, aided by technology.

By Rachelle Wilber


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