4 Superb Dessert Apps Designed To Please Your Sweet Tooth

They say happiness can’t be bought, but hey, there are always desserts you can dig into, to make yourself happy! Yes, desserts have that effect. Desserts render an unmatched sense of bliss; a few moments of pure delight where you are left with no option but to feel good and happy! After a long and tiring day at work, what could be a better way to call it day than pampering yourself with some guilt-free sweet indulgences? What follows is a list of 4 remarkable dessert apps that will please your sweet tooth.



If you are a hardcore chocolate addict, iChocolate is one brilliant app that will give you the ultimate chocolate experience. Featuring over sixty mind-blowing recipes, this app gives you far more than just chocolate dessert recipes. This fascinating application also offers savory dishes in addition to dessert recipes! Yes, that right. Did you ever imagine eating sticky ribs with chocolate gravy? Or how about hot chili chocolate or some chocolate spaghetti Bolognese? Fancy some chocolate risotto or a chocolate sausage? Yes, this app holds the key to all these delicious and unusual chocolate recipes. Apart from recipes, the app is also equipped with other useful tips and information such as interesting facts about chocolate, tips on identifying the quality of chocolate, the history of chocolate, cooking information, recipes, hints, and much more.

iCooking Desserts


iCooking Desserts brings forth to you 58 of the most delicious, and easy to prepare desserts that will leave you and your sweet tooth happy. The app lets you filter recipes according to the Continent (Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and so on). Once you select a recipe, the app brings up an irresistible image followed by a list of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare it. Apart from trying out these scrumptious recipes, you can also share your own tasty recipes by adding them to the cookbook included in the iCooking Desserts app.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies


For all you true cookie lovers out there, Martha Stewart Makes Cookies is one app that you should consider downloading right away! This exceptional app is packed with over 90 mouthwatering cookie recipes, instructional videos, graphics, packaging ideas, built-in kitchen timers, tips on baking, shopping lists, ingredients, sharing options, and so much more! Right from lemon-glazed candies, to traditional chocolate chip cookies, to chocolate-coconut macaroon cups, snickerdoodles, rum-raisin shortbread, and ginger crisps, this app is literally like a paradise for cookie lovers all around the world.

MYO Candy Free


Fancy some candy? Well, who doesn’t! However, nothing gets better than home-made candy! Don’t you agree? This fantastic free app for iOS users teaches you how to make a variety of different candies, ideal for pampering your sweet tooth. Be it fudge, chocolate truffles, coconut ice candies, lollipops, or butterscotch candies, this app will instantly transport you to candy land! Candies are a great treat for any occasion and also make a fantastic gift. Packed with delectable images, an ingredient list for each recipes, and instructions on how to prepare it, MYO Candy Free is undoubtedly a must-have for all serious candy lovers.

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She often receives written assignments from Sweet By Nature, a wholesale cake store based in Victoria, Australia. Her hobbies include playing video games and listening to music.

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