4 Reasons Smart Phones Make Perfect Presents

With the amount of time that every day people spend on the go, the technology industry has done its very best to keep up. Portable computers, notepads and notebooks, along with music and the most popular–smart phones allow for constant contact with the world without sacrificing their own schedules.

4 Reasons Smart Phones Make Perfect Presents

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There are many different types of options and factors that go into deciding which type of smart phone to give as a gift. Everything from easy to use, larger touch screens help those whose eye site may not be what it once was, to people that love to text, and wish to have the standard slide keyboard for better control and feel.

The Music Lover

If the person who is receiving the gift of a smart phone is a music fan, there are several models that cater directly to the mp3 user, with memory capacity to completely make their portable music player obsolete. These all in one phone allow for downloading, sorting, and creating play lists just as any top of the line mp3 player would, but without having to carry, charge, and store an additional piece of equipment.

High-End Task Management

A businessman or businesswoman can find great use in upgrading to a smart phone as well. With mobile applications for every type of format and system, the traveling white collar person can use their phone to conduct important business such as create, edit, and send documents, hold person to person meeting while on the go, and review spreadsheets and prepare presentations without having to lug around a bulky laptop computer. The Bell.ca android OS supports all kinds of high end apps that will save all kinds of time.

Personalized Communication

The smart phone is a great fit for the small retail business owner as well. Being able to answer questions about products through direct site web applications, multiple email accounts, and text messaging allows for flexible scheduling of sales, shipments, and returns of products. Smart phones are capable of receiving alerts for different activities such as meeting reminders, auctions or sales ending, notifications and communications from customers, and much more.

Ease of Use

The smart phone is the best in technological advances, yet easy enough to figure out for people of any age. Whether its a teenager, a college student, or a person that is elderly, everything that a smart phone can provide is as simple as touching the screen with a finger or stylist pen. With every great innovation, there are downsides. Extended battery life and phone costs are two of the primary issues when deciding whether or not to give a smart phone as a gift.

Article by Jayla Barnsen

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