4 Measures to Protect the Electronic Devices in Your Home

There are literally dozens of electronic devices in the modern home. Your computer, television and microwave oven are all examples of such items, and they all play a role in making life more convenient. Therefore, it is worth your time and money to take steps to keep them in good condition.

Keep Your Computers & Mobile Devices Free from Water or Other Liquids

While spilling a little bit of water on your iPhone won’t hurt it too bad, accidentally knocking it into the toilet could end its life. The same is true if you pour a cup of coffee on your router or soda on your laptop computer. Ideally, you will not drink while using your devices or place them close to the sink, bathtub or outdoor hose.

4 Measures to Protect the Electronic Devices in Your Home 4

Unplug Your Electronics During a Thunderstorm

When you hear thunder or see lighting, it is time to start unplugging your computer, appliances and anything else connected to your home’s power supply. Taking this step can prevent power surges that can completely ruin an appliance or other electronic item. If an appliance stops working or an outlet doesn’t work anymore, contact companies like Craftsman Electric Inc for assistance and for help in protecting your devices from future power surges.

Keep Wires Away from the Children and Animals

Cats love to chew on wires. Babies and small children also have a tendency to put anything that they find in their mouths. However, it can be extremely dangerous for them to do so, and it can potentially damage whatever item the wire is powering. Mice and rats also like to chew through wires, so be sure that they are kept tightly bundled and off the ground. You can also build enclosures along the wall that can keep them out of view.

Dust Your Electronic Devices Regularly

Dust can collect on fan blades, the television screen and many other surfaces in the home. If dust is allowed to remain on these surfaces, it can generate a static charge that can zap a person if touched. In large enough quantities, dust can choke fan blades, which can make a motor work extra hard. Over time, this can create enough friction to start a fire.

Taking care of anything in your home that uses electricity should be a top priority. Doing so can reduce the risk of damaging your computers or appliances while also reducing the risk of a fire. Ultimately, this will lower the odds of someone getting hurt or having to pay thousands of dollars to repair or replace your property.

By Hannah Whittenly

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