4 Great Mobile Apps for Taking Handwritten Notes

2013 is the year of the tablet. There are more models on the market than ever before. You have your pick of size, operating system, and manufacturer. Everyone from Apple fans to Google enthusiasts to Microsoft lovers can find their perfect tablet.


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And tablets are doing more than ever, too. From updating your Facebook status to editing that PowerPoint presentation for the big meeting on Monday, you can use a tablet for just about any minor computer task. Businesses regularly use them to take orders and payments. Sometimes it feels like there’s never a reason or situation where a tablet couldn’t be useful.

But tablets can’t quite take the place of pen and paper without offering a way to replace the function of handwriting. If you’re thinking of using your tablet to take notes or draw images, you need the right app to go with it. Try some of these:


Recently acquired by Evernote and integrated into their product, Penultimate is a dead simple handwritten note-taking app for IOS devices. You can use a finger or your stylus to do the writing with varying results. It mimics the experience of writing on a piece of paper with the wrist protection. You can also have access to all of your notes in many different devices because Evernote syncs with so many. One of the limitations is there is no handwriting to text recognition so your handwritten notes stay that way. Penultimate is free with Evernote.


PenSupremacy works very hard to make it seem like you’re writing in a real notebook. The UI looks like a real notebook and you can change pen colors and thickness pretty easily. When you’re done, you can convert your notes to PDF or share with other apps like Facebook, Gmail, or Evernote. Notebooks and pages are limited though, so keep that in mind. PenSupremacy is free from the Android Market.

AntiPaper Notes

If having lots of notebooks is important, you should try out Antipaper Notes. With unlimited notebooks and zoom in a page for a closer look. You can change pen colors and page backgrounds like the other apps on the list but Antipaper Notes also allows a musical background for writing music. To get your notes out, you either email them as PNGs or JPGs. Antipaper Notes is available free through the Android Market.


Notability is for the user who not only needs the ability to switch back and forth between handwriting and typing. It integrates well with Dropbox, Google Drive, as well as several other third party apps. If you need to add images, you can edit and crop them. Or you could draw your own sketches in the app and save them for later. Notability is available from the iTunes Store at no cost.

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