4 Extraordinary Kitchen Gadgets Even A Master Chef Would Love

Do you enjoy cooking? Looking to make your kitchen a more creative and exciting place to be in? Want to have a more enjoyable cooking experience? Listed below are four interesting, unusual, goofy, creative and clever kitchen gadgets that will simplify your cooking experience and will make your life easier in the kitchen. Have a look!

Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

Do you like using a lot of herbs in your cooking? A dash of freshly chopped herbs can work wonders with your dish, giving it that extra pop of flavor. Whether you’re fond of thyme, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, cilantro, or even tarragon, herbs like these can greatly enhance the taste of your food. Nevertheless, chopping herbs can be a tricky ordeal since most of these herbs need to be chopped in the right size to make sure their flavors blend in. However, if you invest in the Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors, chopping fresh herbs would not be an ordeal any longer. This unusual pair of scissors features a set of 5 sharp stainless steel blades that enable you to chop, mince, or cut fresh herbs effortlessly. But hey, you might want to watch out and be a tad careful while you work your way with those sinister looking blades!

Pizza Scrissors

If there’s a new invention, it’s got to be as cool as this amazingly clever pizza cutter! At some point or the other, we’ve all been through the frustration of cutting pizzas using the tradition pizza wheel, since it just doesn’t seem to work. You need to run it back and forth almost a trillion times, and you either end up toppling the pizza toppings or you end up with all the cheese stuck onto the pizza wheel. Comparatively, the Pizza Scrissors clever design feature a combination of kitchen scissors and a nifty spatula – how cool is that! This allows you to cut and pick up a perfect pizza slice seamlessly and single-handedly in one swift motion, without you having to lose out on those delicious toppings, and without leaving any nasty scratches on your non-stick cookware or the cooking surface. All in all, this is a perfect gadget that will put an end to all your pizza cutting woes.


If you’re looking for handy gadgets to make your life easier in the kitchen, the Bowlboard is one such master piece that will enamor you. The Bowlboard goes one step beyond the quintessential chopping board, featuring four food preparation bowls inlaid on the surface of the chopping board itself. This makes it extremely convenient for you to separate and transfer the ingredients onto the inlaid bowl and then effortlessly lift the bowl out of the board when you’re ready to chuck the ingredients into your food preparation. Whether you use the board to chop vegetable, fruits, or even herbs, no more fumbling around looking for bowls to transfer the chopped ingredients into, and no more mess – only sheer convenience.

Salt and Pepper Cells

If you’re looking to make your kitchen or your dinner table look all the more interesting, funky, and creative, you’ve got to lay your hands on these immensely cool salt and pepper shakers designed in the shape of battery cells! These life like D cell replicas are made up of stainless steel and glass, and the power indicators on the sides of the shakers let you see the amount of salt or pepper left in the shaker, so that you can refill or “recharge” the cells as soon as they get empty!

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