4 Essential Apps That Every Fitness Enthusiast Must Have

Thanks to technology and its fruits, keeping fit no longer involves spending hugs sums of money on personal trainers, dieticians, health counselors and so on. You can have an access to all these facilities at the tap of your finger via some incredible apps available to download on to your smart phone. If you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast and believe in regular workout being the key to good health, listed below are four such fantastic fitness apps that you should definitely consider downloading.

Nike Training Club (available on Android and iOS)

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Why shell out your hard earned money on hiring a personal trainer when you have an awesome app like Nike Training Club to download on to your smart phone. This incredible app is literally like your own personal trainer – anytime, anywhere. Featuring well over 100 comprehensive as well as custom-built workouts, this is the perfect app to achieve all your fitness goals. The app allows you to select your goal and fitness level, and then you can accordingly choose from a list of workout sessions that meet your requirement. Moreover, the app also has other features such as video demonstrations, audio guides, exclusive workouts from celebrities, professionals and famous athletes and much more!

Sports Tracker (available on Android and iOS)

Sports Tracker is a top rated fitness app, perhaps the best app available in the market to analyze and track your performance, and to keep a tab on your progress. The app allows you to record a variety of different exercises such as walking, biking, skiing, and so on, and keeps a track of various factors such as duration, distance covered, speed, calories burnt, the route used and much more. You can then upload or save this data and share it with other friends or other members on Sports Tracker or on social networking portals. Without a doubt, Sports Tracker is one the best apps on fitness, when it comes to tracking and analyzing your performance and sharing your workout data via social networks.

Runkeeper (available on Android and iOS)

Tracking all your workout activities just got easier, fun and all the more convenient, thanks to remarkable app – RunKeeper! The app lets you track a series of different fitness activities such as running, cycling, hiking, walking and so on, by using the GPS system on your smart phone. It gives you detailed statistics regarding your calories burnt, distance covered, time taken, lets you calculate your heart rate and more. Besides, it also notifies you on your progress, goals and targets achieved, new milestones reached, hitting new personal bests and much more. Not only this, you can even have audible access to all these stats, progress, and coaching via your headphones!

My Tracks

When it comes to using GPS technology to analyze your tracks, and workout statistics, My Tracks is undoubtedly one of the best apps available in the market, which works as a multipurpose GPS tracker. For outdoors lovers, this is a great app that records and tracks everything right from your path, distance, and speed, to even altitude or elevation while you run, walk, go biking and so on. This impressive app also allows you to save your tracks and related data on Google Drive, via which, you can sync and share your tracks with friends. You can even go on to share your map url from Google Maps with friends, via social networking sites.

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