4 Crucial Reasons to Update Your IT Infrastructure

As data volumes, customer demands and business conditions change, business infrastructure needs to be upgraded and expanded. This is particularly true when companies physically or digitally expand their operation. Therefore the question is not whether IT infrastructure will need to be upgraded, but how and when.

4 Crucial Reasons to Update Your IT Infrastructure

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Better Components

Upgrading IT infrastructure will result in a better performing and functioning system. There are options available, such as directly upgrading individual components. This may appear easy, but it is actually more expensive and difficult to track in the long run. It can be a temporary solution to common network capacity issues, such as bandwidth congestion and overloaded routers and switches. However, if the company has already started to outgrow their current IT infrastructure, upgrading select components will only solve the problem for up to one year before another upgrade is needed.

Better Functionality

Updating IT infrastructure offers excellent opportunities that may not have originally been available, such as cloud-based solutions. This is an increasingly popular choice for small and midsize businesses because cloud-based technology is inexpensive with great benefits. Cloud-based solutions reduce the need for internal IT staff, equipment and maintenance. Cloud-based infrastructure is referred to as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). In this way, organizations can easily expand or reduce capacity as needed by merely talking with their provider. IaaS is a highly automated way to expand server storage, available resources and networking capabilities.

Better Network Speed

If most of the company’s business occurs over the Internet, maintaining a fast Internet connection is crucial for both internal and external customers. Every business will reach a point when they need to move their IT infrastructure and performance to the next level. Failure to do so may result in loss of market, revenue and competitiveness. Obtaining the right level of Internet speed and service for growing business and customer needs is essential to the success of every company. This may appear in the form consulting with professionals of managed IT services in Ottawa and elsewhere about upgrading the internal network or Internet pipeline.

Better Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery are becoming more important as concerns over data integrity and connectivity arise. Any downtime can have disastrous consequences. While most people think of data backs when it comes to disaster recovery, hardware backups are equally important. To further guarantee the organization always stays connected, there should be a backup modem in place to ensure alternate connectivity. Also, many routers come with backup capabilities for disaster recovery purposes. These devices do not have to be top-of-the-line, but they must be sufficient enough to maintain connectivity and help the company get through an emergency.

Upgrading network infrastructure is no easy feat, but the benefits are worth the investment and will increase IT efficiency and capabilities.

By Anica Oaks

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