4 Apps That Make You More Efficient

We all could use some help when it comes to being more productive. Sometimes just normal day to day things can hold us down and make us work slower, or we get sidetracked and start thinking about other things and before we know it, we haven’t done one productive thing all day. Especially if you’re a perfectionist like me, everything has to be in its right place all the time and I can’t move forward with another project until I know the last one is absolutely perfect. I believe perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. You just have to shut up and keep working.

So here are a few apps that can help you become more productive.

1. Amount

This beautifully designed app is the easiest to use unit converter out there. With just two taps, you can convert any number or measure into the results you need. It converts just about everything imaginable. From cooking, to electrical current, to network speed, to force, then of course length, distances, and angles. Everything you could think of to convert is in this app. This is the simplest unit converter out there, nothing more than entering in the amount and selecting the result that you need.

2. alarm.com

This app is developed by a company that I found called, Smith Security. The app allows you control just about every part of your home security system from the app itself. No more worrying about if your home is secure or not, with this app you’ll always know. You are able to have complete control from this app. You can control the lights, the thermostat, unlock or lock the doors, monitor and control certain cabinets, you can even turn on or off certain wall plugs. So if you accidentally left the coffee on you could go to the app and simply turn that wall plug off. This app is extremely useful for anyone with an alarm system that needs to protect their home, or for anyone that’s a busy body and is never home.

3. Sign Easy

This is a genius of an app. Take full advantage of your iPhone with this app! As a college student, it becomes so annoying having to sign papers, then with a job and having to sign those papers, and it just always seems like I’m having to sign something. With this app, you can sign anything you need straight from your iPhone. No more printing, signing, scanning, then emailing. It can all take place on your iPhone screen. These signatures also can hold up in court and are recognized as real, viable, signatures.

4. Mailbox

Mailbox is the coolest email app I’ve seen. It allows you a complete new way to look and sort through your email. You can delete, store, archive, or snooze your email. You can make different folders to store you emails in, like you could make a folder just for your work, and one just for online shopping, or whatever. You can also snooze your email, meaning you can pick a time and resend it to yourself to remind you. Great way to help keep you productive and running your life more efficiently.

About the Author: David Michael LeMarr is a musician, blogger, public communicator, and future architect – follow him on Twitter // Facebook // WordPress

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