4 Accessories to Take Your iPhone to Another Level

So you’ve got the iPhone, do you? Well, that is a good place to start in the awesome world of smartphones. But now that you have it, you’re going to want to have all of the sweet accessories that come with it in order to really rev that phone of yours up to the next level.

4 Accessories to Take Your iPhone to Another Level

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In this article, we compiled just a couple of the items that you may want to consider getting in order to really make that new iPhone of yours shine like it should.

Protective Case

The first accessory that you will want to obtain (and believe me, you will want to obtain it fast), is a solid, protective case. Many an iPhone user has left their first phone drop feeling quite dismayed when their perfectly formed glass screen shattered into a million pieces. Nowadays, you can get really awesome cases from Prong and similar retailers that offer protection, battery charging, and other features.

Exterior Sound

What good is all that music stored on your iPhone if you can’t hear it LOUD, everywhere that you go? There are a number of fine Bluetooth speakers out right now that allow you to get the different kinds of volume and musical quality that you want and need.

If you are the hiking type, consider purchasing a smaller speaker from Bose in the cheaper range. It is amazing how much high-quality volume those little guys can put out, and it will do the job for you. Meanwhile, if you are looking to get a home stereo without paying the price, Dknight makes some larger speakers that can connect to your phone and won’t cost the heartbreaking price.

SD Card Reader Attachment

If you are the photography type, you will absolutely want to buy an SD to micro USB cord for your new iPhone. This will allow you to transfer all of those sweet photos that you take on your phone to an SD or micro SD card for storage purposes.

World Travel Kit
Finally, if you plan on traveling, then you will want to purchase an iPhone world travel electrical kit. Since different countries operate on different electrical grids, this means that many countries use different styles of electrical outlets.

The world travel kit will make sure that you are able to plug in your iPhone and steal a good charge no matter where you are in the world! Truly, this is a great need for a constant traveler.

These are some great iPhone accessories, but this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of what an iPhone can do. Get your geek on and keep researching!

By Anica Oaks

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