3 Signs it is Time to Upgrade your Smartphone

New smartphones on the market can make you want to upgrade, but is now the best time? A lost or stolen phone gives you an excellent opportunity to buy a new one. You can either repair or replace a broken phone, so you might hesitate to discard it. Similarly, if you have a smartphone in good working condition, you might feel wrong if you ditch it.


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Even if you want to upgrade your smartphone, you might experience fear and dread at the thought of copying your data, contacts and apps from your old phone to a new one. Your phone has been at your side for a long time, but your relationship has grown stagnant. Watch for the following three signs that indicate you should upgrade your smartphone.

Your Two-Year Contract Expired

If you kept your smartphone for two years without breaking it or losing it, you deserve a new one. Technology quickly changes, making the best technology obsolete overnight. After two years of continuous innovation by the world’s most advanced technology companies, smartphones now have better screens, faster processors and more storage. Best of all, you can benefit from your carrier’s subsidized price for your new phone if you sign a new contract. Today’s technology at a reasonable price: That always sounds like a good deal.

You Feel Deprived

People often feel more satisfied with a technology upgrade when it introduces them to important new features, so your sense of deprivation might mean you need to update your smartphone. Also, when you repeatedly encounter strangers who joke about your Stone-Age technology, and friends, relatives and coworkers do things with their phones that you can only dream of, you might need to upgrade your smartphone.

Before you order your new phone, you should check with your service provider to verify eligibility for a subsidized phone. If ineligible, you might have to pay the hefty full sticker price for your new phone. You can find options to upgrade your smartphone, even if you still have time left on your phone contract. According to iTechShark, a tech shop that specializes in iPhone repair in St. Louis, people ineligible for a carrier subsidy can save money by upgrading to a refurbished smartphone.

Your Life Seems Incompatible

Think about how you use your smartphone. If you only use it occasionally to check email and social media, you might not benefit from a smartphone upgrade. If your life and work seem to depend on mobile access to multiple networks, and you need the ability to do complex tasks, you might need an upgrade.

Living life in the fast lane with a slow smartphone seems unbearable. You need navigation, voice recording, file storage, productivity apps and the latest games to make your life efficient and fun, but your smartphone chokes when you place on it the slightest demand. You can either choose to live a slower life or upgrade to a faster phone. A new phone brings the latest hardware and software technology to the palm of your hand, so you can work and play smarter than you ever thought possible.

Smartphones have revolutionized modern life, providing a mobile platform for communications, entertainment, and productivity. It might seem like yesterday when you got your smartphone, so you might have trouble recognizing that you should upgrade now.

If the above indicators tell you that you should upgrade your smartphone, don’t buy the first smartphone that looks beautiful. Instead, take some time to learn about all the exciting new and refurbished models available and choose one that will meet the demands of your life.

By Lizzie Weakley


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