3 Medical Gadgets That Help Prevent Infection

Some people are scared of going to the hospital. They don’t like being confined and finding out what disease they have. I have known some friends who have prolonged being admitted to the hospital for as long as they possibly could and ended up being worse for wear when they finally do. It is a fact that patients are vulnerable to hospital acquired infections but if there are ways that these can be prevented. One of the preventive ways is through the use of gadgets that minimize or cancel out the risk of infection.

IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Monitor


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Monitoring patients–especially if you’re dealing with a lot–is not easy. Straight long hour shifts is tough on medical professionals, more so when they need to make prompt medical decisions when they are monitoring a patient’s progress. A wearable monitor, however, goes a long way in helping them to remotely monitor patients, especially ambulatory ones. This gadget can be integrated with a hospital’s EMR and it’s easy for you to access the patient’s data through its colored touchscreen. This monitoring device also helps in preventing hospital-acquired infections through its patient cable connector. This connector is designed to resist soil as well as liquid buildup while the case material has also been updated to make it easier to disinfect.

AIGISRx® Antibacterial Envelope


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Implanting a pacemaker or a cardioverter-defibrillator can be a challenge not only because of the procedure but also because of the risks involved. One of these risks include bacterial infection. This gadget is the one that will hold the pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), aiding in the creation of a stable environment that should surround the device. It features a biocompatible mesh, which has been coated with antibiotics that then dissolve with a period of seven to ten days. It is also worthy to note that the AIGISRx® Antibacterial Envelope is the first combination drug-device product that has been cleared by the FDA. It has been designed to help in the stabilization of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs). It also helps in the reduction of infections that may occur with implantable pacemakers or ICDs.

Curos® Port Protector


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One of the quickest ways that infection can spread is through intravenous means. Sometimes, no matter how careful one is, there are times when infection still manages to get through despite his best efforts. Though caution is practiced, sometimes it is not enough. It should fortified with other methods that will diminish–if not cancel out–any chance of contamination. This is where the Curos® Port Protector comes in. This gadget aids in passively disinfecting iv access ports by acting as a physical barrier that will prevent contamination from passing between line accesses. This disinfecting cleaner starts working immediately 3 minutes after application and can actually last up to 7 days if it is not removed. Its catchy and vibrant green color makes it easy to spot and prevents confusion with other therapies that are also differentiated through color. This port protector may be simple but has proven to be capable in infection control.

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