3 IPhone Apps To Keep On You Home Screen

I plugged in my phone into my computer the other day and my phone is almost all out of space. Which is sad because I can’t stop downloading apps! I thought about deleting apps but I couldn’t just because… Well you think you are going to use it, but in all reality you end up not using it as much. Well here are some apps that you should NOT delete. If you do not have these apps, please do check them out. You will absolutely love these apps. They are the ones that always find their way back on my home screen if I decide to take them off for whatever reason.


If you follow my blogs, twitter, or my soundcloud, then you will see that im huge into music. I can never just NOT listen to music. It’s kind of a curse and a blessing. My love for music tends to get in the way of many things. At times it gets distracting because if I am trying to work, write, or do anything productive, I get distracted. Not good! But the point is… I love music and I cannot get enough! So also for a time my wallet did not really appreciate all those CD’s and iTunes I would download. Thanks to Spotify, I got this free app. All I have to do is pay like 5 bucks a month and I have the ability to stream everything on their library. Yes it is limited but only technically. Things are getting updated all the time. That means that songs are getting updated, so if your favorite band isn’t there yet, just wait. It will be!


I have been through about 6 years of college and I cannot properly express my hate for taking notes. It’s seriously so strange and distracting me. Not only does taking notes distract me, but I also have such a hard time keeping track of the notes I take! That can get really damaging when finals creep up around the end of the semester and I am left stranded if I lost my notes. Well Evernote is here to save the day! They have worked really had because they understand that all students should have to worry about getting distracted, where their notes are and other things that comes with the hassle of note taking. The way it works is simple, you can take a picture, store a link, type up a draft, or even record video and audio of a lecture. Then the fun doesn’t stop there. You can actually make it sync automatically to all of your devices! So that if I take notes on my iPad, they will always be synced on my phone and computer as well!


There isn’t anything cool about home alarm systems. I mean really, think about it. It’s always something very expensive and not only then its something that just sucks up energy bills so its even more money pouring out! Not anymore! I aligned with Smith Home Security Systems and their rates were cheaper than any other big name company! Now the app.. It’s basically life changing. I am able to watch a feed of my security cameras through my phone! Oh yeah one more thing, It is completely free!!!

About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.

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