3 Apps You Have Probably Never Checked Out

It’s almost like there are too many apps out there. I think its physically impossible to try every app because there are at least 300 being made every single day. So in all reality there is no way you can no everything that comes out. But that’s all okay! We have taken all the ones you might now know about that got covered by all these big timers like Facebook, Twitter & Angry Birds and set them out for you. Check these out and try them for a couple weeks. Hopefully they are some good alternatives to what you already use.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is exactly what it sounds like. It does its best to track your sleep cycle. You simply face it down on your bed and then when you go to sleep it senses how many times you move and essentially wake up. If you aren’t aware of any studies about this, it’s good to mention that we actually wake up more than we actually realize. But that’s beside the point. The app itself has some wonderful features. It’s split up into 4 parts. Alarm, Stats, Settings, & Instructions. On the “Alarm” section it gives you kind of a way to set a time, and it doesn’t necessarily wake you up on that time, it actually does slightly right before depending how asleep you are! People tend to think this is them loosing sleep when in all reality they are gaining energy. Waking up at the right time is everything when it comes to sleep cycles. If you wake up when you are at the top of cycle, which means you are basically awake, you will have a great day. You will not feel tired ideally. It even wakes you up and fairly calming manner. It swells up sounds that you can set that are very nice. On the statistics page it basically just shows how much you have slept and when you have. Settings is just that, settings. It allows you to even set up a “weekend” mode to where you sleep and it still tracks your movement but never wakes you up! You will definitely love this app.


Finance is pretty boring. I mean really. If you are rich all it does is show you how much you have and then if you don’t have much it simply shows you that… Not a lot of craziness going on here. Here comes Mint.com to throw us completely off guard. This app takes your accounts in your bank and makes them easy to manage and then also set goals for your self. We all need goals, if you don’t have any, its safe to say that you wont get anywhere in life. That might be harsh but its true! Anyway, In this app, it allows you to view all your accounts in a forma that’s very nice to look at. Graphs and everything! Check it out!


This app blew me away. I am seriously not even exaggerating. This app was so perfect. It did everything that my expectations thought it was going to do. I was able to align with Smith Security and get everything wired correctly all for free. Essentially this app is allowing me to control my whole house. I’m talking about things like being able to view my house from across the world simply by pulling out my phone. Internationals get so impressed. It’s a free app too!

About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is a writer for Smith Monitoring a Dallas home security company. Ronak is also an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.

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