3 Amazing Technologies that Might Soon Live in Your Pocket

While in some ways technology may not have come as far as those in the 50’s or 60’s might have imagined it would, in other ways technology has advanced far beyond their wildest dreams. Even though teleportation and intergalactic travel are off the table, the incredible power of the tiny computers we all carry in our pockets is the stuff of the science fiction of just as few decades ago. As amazing as the tech we cary in our pockets right now is, the future tech that is currently in development is even more amazing. Here are three amazing technologies that might soon live in your pocket.

Mind Reader

While the device for using this tech will most likely be some version of the same cell phone most of us carry around right now, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley are making significant progress in translating electrical activity in the brain into actual words and sounds by means of decoding brainwaves. While the current hope of this tech is to help facilitate communication with individuals suffering with dementia, the reality is that when perfected, the tech may one day be further developed for broader applications.

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Universal Translators

While we can all currently use a number of programs on our cell phones to help us translate languages on the fly, the time may come when we no longer have to painstakingly type in certain words or phrases to do this with. The time is not far off when a person speaking Spanish and a person speaking Chinese can each push a button on a device that will automatically translate each others words into their own language. It might even help men and women understand each other.

Transparent Devices

Another futuristic invention foreseen in the science fiction of yesteryear is transparent mobile devices. Graphene, a heat-transferring nano material, is already being used in a number of mobile devices and may provide the foundation for doing away with the bulky cases that currently house the components for our mobile devices, leaving only a clean, transparent screen behind.

While many of the devices and technologies envisioned and imagined by futurists of the last 100 years or more have not come to pass, many have—and many more are on the way. The devices we carry in our pockets in the future are showing promise of binding us together as a global community and giving us more freedom than ever before to shed the shackles of our desks, cubicles and offices and operate together as one global village.

By Brooke Chaplan

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