2016’s most entertaining apps

Whether we’re swapping faces with friends, visiting the online casinos, or just creating a viral music video, there’s nothing like an app to give us some great mobile entertainment. So here’s a look at which apps are making waves in the tech world in 2016!


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Thanks to smartphone technology, our mobile devices are capable of taking some pretty impressive photographs. But even the most glamorous smartphone user can have an off-day, which is why the Facetune app has proven to be such a hit as it can hide the circles under our eyes, remove spots, and give us a good airbrushing ready for the that elusive magazine cover!

Even if we’re getting all arty with our smartphones, we can use the Afterlight app to make a dismal landscape more atmospheric thanks to its range of awesome filters, although the Bachify app has also proven to be a massive mobile hit by combining all of the top photo features in one entertaining package.


Whilst we can all take selfies for days on end, there’s nothing like a bit of mobile gaming for some serious entertainment. Puzzle games continue to be endlessly appealing thanks the brightly-coloured and infuriating fun of Cookie Jam, whereas even advanced MMO strategy games have been given a mobile upgrade with the likes of Summoner’s War that’s just celebrated over 60 million downloads!

But sometimes it’s the more traditional games that can provide the most enduring mobile entertainment with simple card games like blackjack enjoying a renaissance at the Betway site and we can all try it out on our smartphones right now!


It’s not just online blackjack that’s enjoying a rebirth in 2016, as many musical artists have been given a helping hand thanks to the artist-friendly Tidal streaming service that is looking to be finally getting a widespread take-up after a troublesome start last year.

However, smartphone technology has now meant that we can all become music stars with the likes of Smule’s Sing Karaoke app, and the musical.ly app which gives us the chance to edit and make our own video hits on the go!


But smartphones are surely best when they are being used for the most trivial purposes, and whilst face-swapping has been a big hit, it looks like 2016 could belong to Akinator the Genie whose ability to seemingly read smartphone users’ minds could be one of the weirdest mobile hits of recent times!

So whether we’re creating cute gifs, listening to the latest sounds, or winning big at an online casino, there’s no limit to the fun that can be had on our smartphones in 2016!

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