2 Best and Free Android VPN Services

Free is a word that we all love to hear all the time and this is because it is the sign that we are going to get something for free and without paying even a single penny. A whole lot of people claim that there is nothing for free, as sooner or later company will charge you in some way or the other and they also might rip you off with their “*” clauses. However the fact is there are things that are available for free, and all you have to do is to just look hard enough. You can only find those things free in which a company doesn’t need to invest anymore, as it helps them to spread out their name among the consumer, so that when they launch any other product, it won’t need to be marketed that hard, as the company’s name will already be famous among people.

In the following lines you will get to know about 2 of the best and free android VPN services you can go with:

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield is known to be the top most Android VPN service provider that offers its services for free, and without charging even a single penny to its customers. Hotspot Shield is a product of Anchor Free, and is aimed to provide you with best possible Android VPN services. When you choose to go with Hotspot Shield, you will get:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Full and Complete access to all of the blocked sites.
  • Privacy and security side by side.
  • Cuts down the average loading time of a website up to 30%

However with all that, there are some limitations when it comes to its usage, which includes:

  • It only supports Android devices having 2.x and 4.x OS, it doesn’t works at all with Android 3.x OS.
  • Does not support Amazon Kindle, Sony All – Tun Missing, Archos G9 etc.


Viatun is another free Anroid VPN service provider which is a product of Viatun Software Inc. Viatun surely has to offer a whole lot to its users, as it is known to be the fastest VPN provider for Android devices, however it is only compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, and you don’t need any Root to get things done. When you choose to go with Viatun:

  • You won’t lose your connection speed at any cost.
  • Secures your connection, as you connect with different servers anonymously.
  • It is known to be cost effective as it cuts down your traffic expenditures up to 80%.
  • Comes up with a built in anti – virus, hence allowing your Android device to be absolutely safe all the time and without any issues.
  • Complete and full access to all of the blocked websites, hence allowing you to browse your favorite website in your school, office, library etc.

You can choose to go with any of the two services for your Android device, and this is because they are known to be the best and the most versatile applications that are available on the block and the best thing are that they are for free!

About the author:

Uzma Parveen is a guest blogger and loves to provide useful information, please click here and read more about VPN.

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