1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale Review

If you read my blpg before you know that I love to review cool gadgets. The latest thing I got for review was the 1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale with Phone and Tablet App to Manage Your Weight, Advanced Bluetooth Technology to Monitor Your Diet.


Like any tech enthusiast I like to watch The Big Bang Theory and in one episode Sheldon says to the guys “Everything is better with Bluetooth”! I wanted to test Sheldon’s theory while testing this smart scale.

The 1byone Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale is in fact a modern scale which incorporates Bluetooth technology for connecting to a smart device (phone/tablet) and it comes with a free app to monitor your results.

My tests with the 1byone scale

After opening the box and fixing the batteries I took a look at the scale. It looks quite good with the white, silver  body and the blue screen.

I had to install the app (I used my Android powered phone). To install the app called iWelness all I had o do was to scan the QR code printed on the manual. In less than two minutes the app was installed.

Before using it for the first time I hat top fill out a small form with some basic info about myself (age, height, gender). I paired the scale with my phone and with the app started I weighed myself. In a few seconds in the app I could saw the results – my weight, body water percent, body fat percent, bone density, BMI (body mass index),visceral fat, and muscle mass.

All the data are saved in the app and I can track my results over time.

There is plenty of useful information. I think that for people on the diet and for the ones who want to lose or gain weight this scale is a gold mine of information. 

1byone scale review

After a few measurements with this scale I can say that indeed everything is better with Bluetooth. This smart scale offers me access in the app at all the information I need.  My goal is to reduce the body fat and gain some muscle and with this scale it is simple for me to monitor my results.

In conclusion: a cool smart scale. I like that I can have access to all my weight data from the app.

Pricing and availability

The1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale can be purchased for less than 40£ and it is available at Amazon.uk.

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