10 Technologies That Are Must-haves To Make Your Home Smarter

As far as home technology is concerned, customers have a wide range of products to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can buy all types of useful devices that help you save resources. Regardless of your financial situation, there are some basics that will certainly be beneficial for your home, whether it’s a spacious villa or a two-room apartment. The following list of must-haves will show you what are the most popular technologies in which homeowners invest nowadays, and although it doesn’t contain all the possible devices that might come in handy, it’s definitely a useful building block.


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1. Universal Remote Control: This is a simple device that can help you control even the most sophisticated and complicated entertainment systems. A universal remote does the work of several remotes, having the ability to control not only your TV, but also your Blu-ray Disc Player, stereo receiver, lights or video projector. All you have to do is program it carefully so that it activates all these devices with a switch of a button.

2. Lighting Control System: This system is definitely one of the best inventions ever made, as it allows you to benefit from a greater comfort, convenience, security, decorative appeal and energy efficiency. The lighting control system is provided with keypads that replace the light switches present in your home. As a result, once programmed accordingly, this device allows you to operate multiple lights at once by pressing only one button. You’ve never turned off the lights so easy!

3. Security System:  Everybody wants to make sure that they’re safe and secure as long as they’re at home. If you invest in a security system you’ll no longer have to fear about your safety. These systems are easy to use and also very affordable, providing even the possibility to automate the thermostats and lights in your home.

4. Robust, Reliable Wi-Fi Network: Nowadays, most of the electronic devices need Wi-Fi to transmit/ receive data and communicate. That’s why a powerful Wi-Fi network has become an essential tool for homeowners. If you don’t own this type of network, you won’t be able to transmit commands to your A/V components by using your smartphone.

5. Control Apps:  Tablets and smartphones are usually used to surf the web and text or email friends. However, the new downloadable apps that are available nowadays can allow you to operate anything you want in your home with no efforts: house-lights, thermostats, security cameras and even A/V systems.

6. Surveillance Cameras:  Surveillance cameras are a must-have nowadays, especially if they are very small and communicate using the Internet. The best part about these cameras is that apart from their wide range of shapes and designs, they are provided with incredible communicationcapabilities. You can place the surveillance cameras in your hallways, and the captured images will be transmitted to your computer, phone or tablet.

7. Whole-House Music:  Music has never been so enjoyable and accessible, whether you listen to music on your iPod or you simply stream if from the internet. Enjoy your music at a whole new level with the brand-new whole-house audio system. It will allow you to send all your content to the speakers present in your house. It’s so simple and fun that you’ll definitely regret not having discovered this device earlier.

8. Smart Thermostat:  These thermostats are amazing, especially those which can be programmed. However, the best option you can buy is represented by the smart thermostat that can be controlled and monitored from your tablet or smartphone. Besides, it can be automated in order to adjust to different parameters such as time, temperature or the people who are at home.

9. Motion Sensors: These sensors are usually used for the security they provide, but not everybody knows that they can also control the lights in your home, turning them on whenever someone is detectedwalking towards the front door. These devices are extremely useful for guests who visit your home or for children who want to find the way to the bathroom but are afraid of the dark.

10. Streaming Device: Using this device you can have unlimited access to various TV programs, movies or music. Perhaps the most famous streaming device is the one produced by Apple (Apple TV). This component has the ability to satisfy even the greatest appetite for entertainment.

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