10 Of The Best Gadgets For Disorganised People

If you are one of those people who finds staying organised a hopeless task, there are countless gadgets available that could help to make your life easier. From simple organisers to remote systems for controlling home appliances, here are 10 of the best modern gadgets to help you stay organised on a daily basis.

The Best Gadgets For Disorganised People

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1. Receipt Scanner

There are numerous types of receipt scanners on the market, but they all serve the same basic purpose. These mini scanners allow you to quickly scan anything from receipts to business cards to letters. If you constantly find yourself misplacing all of those fiddly little bits of paper, use one of these scanners to digitise everything. You can then store them on your computer and use efficient search functions to find what you are looking for with ease.

2. Digital Password Organiser

One of the biggest problems with the modern age for disorganised people is the huge number of passwords that we are forced to carry around in our heads. If you would prefer to only have to remember one password, get yourself a digital password organiser. You can then access any password you need to, whenever you need to, without having to remember them all.

3. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate way to take down notes and keep all of your thoughts, photos, voice recordings, web clippings and more in order. You can use it on your computer, tablet and smartphone, and it syncs between all of your devices so you always have access to your notes. The search function is also excellent, so you need never lose those all-important notes again.

4. Chargepod

The Chargepod is a single device that allows you to plug in up to six of your other devices to charge them at the same time. It comes with its own adaptors so you do not need to worry about carrying lots of different chargers around with you, and you can banish all of those unsightly wires at the same time to keep your home or office more organised.

5. AppleCore Cord Organiser


There are many cord organisers that can help you to tidy up all of those loose cords that make your workspace a disaster area. If you always have trouble keeping your work area tidy, AppleCores are a simple and stylish way to wrap up your wires and keep everything out the way, and they come in a range of sizes.

6. Belkin WeMo Switch

The Belkin WeMo Switch is the best system for controlling the devices in your home using your smartphone. It allows you to turn on your electronic devices including lights and TVs wherever you are by using your Wi-Fi network. For disorganised people, it can be a great way to schedule your devices to turn on and off without having to remember all the time.

7. Label Maker

Label makers have been around for years, but they are still one of the best gadgets available for keeping your life organised. Use yours to print out labels for your cupboards, boxes, files, draws and more. Choose one that allows you to vary your labels by size and colour, and you’ll soon be able to get your life organised.

8. Freeview Recorder

If you constantly find yourself missing your favourite TV programmes and you can never remember to put them on record, get yourself a Freeview box with a record function. You can then programme it to record every episode in your favourite series without having to remember each one. Freeview recorders range from very basic boxes to more advanced devices like YouView that also has on-demand features built in.

9. Pivot Power Mini

These ingenious device is a wall plug and USB combination charger. Plug it into a single plug and you can then plug in two standard plugs as well as two USB devices so that you can charge up all of your other gadgets together. It folds up small so is especially ideal when you are travelling, and it opens out large so even if your devices have large adaptors they should still charge without any problem.

10. Smartphone


Last, but certainly not least, the smartphone has allowed us disorganised souls to sort our lives out better than any other single gadget. Not only do we now have our calendars, diaries, GPS and contacts on us at all times, but we also have incredibly useful apps like the aforementioned Evernote and organising apps like Remember the Milk to help us stay organised wherever we are.

Use These Gadgets to Stay Organised

New gadgets are constantly appearing to make our lives more organised. If you find that you have trouble keeping organised, check out the above gadgets and apps to see if they can make your life easier.

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