10 Educational Apps for the 21st Century Student, Read here

In the digital age, the students have many mobile apps at their fingertips that make studies a breeze for them. There are apps to create to-do lists, to produce mind maps, to learn from the best subject experts around the world, to do research, and to take tests.

Here are the some of the best 21st-century educational apps that you can use:

  1. Popplet

This app is available in iOS and web versions. It’s an excellent tool for visual learners in schools and colleges. The app can be used to capture images, facts, and thoughts on a topic and inter-relate them using mind-mapping techniques.

Mind maps created through Popplet have information bubbles called popples in which you can add text, image, video or links. The popples can be of different colors and can be easily connected to each other. It is a fun learning tool for students of all ages.

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  1. How to Draw – Easy Lessons

No skill is ever useless. Whether you are a Fine Arts student or an architect or a Biology student, drawing skills can come in very handy to give ideas to your expression and to make sketches of things you want to remember for a long time. Drawing is also a fantastic way to drive away stress from your life and spend some quality time with yourself.

‘How to Draw’ is an excellent app that offers step-by-step tutorials or 70+ drawings that include characters, animals, flowers, cars, and planes. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

You do not need any special skills to learn how to draw with his app. Once you master the easy lessons, you can always go for the Pro version for some advanced drawing lessons.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is available as a web app as well as a Chrome extension. Teachers and students of more than 600 universities use it to raise the level of their academic writing. 99% students who used this app reported that their writing grades have improved, 84% reported that their overall grades have improved, and 70% reported that using this app on a regular basis has increased their confidence level when it comes to writing assignments.

The app offers online writing tools to check your grammar, detect any plagiarism in the copy, and develop an academic writing style.

  1. Taskpaper

The iOS-based app by Hog Bay Software is simple, portable and adaptable. It uses plain text, and it will take you some time to figure out all its power-packed features hidden behind a clean-looking straightforward interface. Short instant lists you can create here can help you think through a busy schedule and turn your day productive.

There are plenty of shortcuts to play with. For example, as soon as you type the colon (:), the text gets formatted as bold automatically. To mark a task as a sub-task, you simply have to press the ‘Tab’ button. ‘Shift+Tab’ can shift a task to the left which promotes its hierarchy. An ‘@’followed by a keyword appears as a tag while @done is a special tag which displays text in the strikethrough format.

If you are one of those students who work and study and dabble in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities too, you might want to poke around the app and use its powerful features to tag, search, and do scripting.

  1. askIITians

The app is a great learning tool for students preparing for engineering entrance exams, medical entrance exams or SAT exams. It includes pre-recorded video lectures by highly qualified engineers and doctors from the best colleges in India (such as the IITs and the premium medical colleges). Here, you can have the full arsenal of IIT JEE, CBSE, and NEET syllabus, mind maps for each chapter of the Science subjects, handwritten revision notes by subject experts, and a number of practice tests.

Those who are preparing for the engineering exams or the medical exams can take chapter-wise tests, unit-wise tests, and subject-wise tests to track their progress and compare it with other students. There are JEE based and NEET based test series too, which simulate online exam conditions and generate a detailed analysis of students’ performance. The detailed analysis reports include strong and weak areas of the student.

You can also find the NCERT solutions for each chapter of Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Biology through the app too.

  1. AirPano

This is an excellent web tool for students interested in Geography, Culture Studies, History, and Tourism. A team of Russian photographers has created this web app. It is the world’s largest resource of high-quality 360°aerial photographs and videos.

You can watch the places you want from a bird’s eye view (offering you a virtual tour of the place), and read the articles associated with them. From Jellyfish Bay at Raja Ampat in Indonesia to Shanghai in China to Taj Mahal in India – you can watch them all with AirPano.

  1. Labinapp

In India, where 75% schools do not have science laboratories, Labinapp creates magic by offering a personal lab for each student. In this 3D virtual laboratory, students can simulate science experiments anytime, anywhere, using any device available to them.

Even in the best schools, students have yearned to do their own science experiments but do not have access to labs as much as they like. Many chemicals are ‘not to be touched’ and the time they need to conduct their own experiment might not be available to them. Labinapp engages such students by using computer graphics and allowing them to perform any science experiment they like.

It is an excellent app for Science lovers who are studying in Class 9 to Class 12.

  1. MyScript Calculator

One of the best math apps available for free on both the iOS and Android platforms, MyScript calculator allows you to solve equations, just as you would write them on pen and paper. The app has a handwriting recognition system through which it can understand equations written by you and solve them for you. You can do basic arithmetic operations using the app, as well as calculate square roots, percentages, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, and handle constant such as Euler’s number or pi.

  1. Dictionary

This free digital dictionary app allows you to search for words offline as well as help you learn new words every day. Your vocabulary helps you learn better, communicate better, connect with others better, and express yourself better.

You can use it access over 2 million English words, find out their spellings and pronunciations, read about their origin, and learn how they can be used in a sentence. The app also offers a translation service and helps you solve crosswords. If you want to be an English expert, this is the app for you.

It is available on Android as well as iOS platforms.

  1. TED

Who doesn’t know about TED Talks these days? It is a video library with over 3,000+ lectures from a range of people who have done something noteworthy in their fields. From tech and science to psychology to social work, you can listen to many different things here.

You can listen to the podcasts, read subtitles in over 100 languages and create your own custom playlist on the app.

You can download these apps and use them in your free time to get inspired to do more, learn better, and ultimately, achieve your education goals.

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