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The BIGGEST Gadget to Buy for Home, Office, School or Retail Store

The BIGGEST Gadget to Buy for Home, Office, School or Retail Store

Have you heard the expression “big is better”? Well some smart guys created a new gadgets which can transform any TV into a giant tablet.

The Giant Tablet can be used for work or fun and it was created to be used in retail stores, schools, offices and homes.

Giant Tablet-multi-touch-screen-tv-monitor-table

Initially I was intrigued by the idea of having such a large tablet. The ideas behind tablets is and was extreme portability and taking my TV with me everywhere is not going to happen. But a giant tablet can prove to be very useful for:

  • business to present their offers and to communicate with their customers better. A large screen is also very useful for presentations and because it will feature the tablet’s intuitive interface which makes the device simple to use.
  • schools and universities for teaching activities.
  • individuals for entertainment. It will be cool to have a huge tablet in your living room and we will probably use it as a smart TV. Gaming and streaming will be easy and fun on a Giant Tablet.

The Giant Tablet supports Windows 8 and Android operating systems so it will offer a lot of options because both Droid and Windows fans can enjoy their favorite apps.

With these new technologies science fiction is not SF anymore. Gadgets which seemed just a dream now are real and a big part of our lives.

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