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Tech Breakthroughs in Home Security

When you use a remote monitoring app, you can watch your home from a remote location. When you are on a beach that is thousands of miles away from your home, you can receive videos of your home in real-time. Some monitoring systems can send you emergency alerts. The system can send you a message if there is a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. You can stream the security camera footage, and you will know if an intruder is in your home. Some security systems can also enable and disable your security system. Images sent by author Smart locks are one of the best inventions in modern … [Read more...]

Will Robots Replace Your Job? These Industries at Risk

Anyone who has seen the movie "WALL-E" can imagine a world where computers and robots do just about all of the hard work, while humans essentially sit back and relax. While we're not likely to reach that status at any point in our lifetimes, there's no denying that robotics are changing the way a number of industries operate. Image source Pixabay For now, robots are not causing a huge rush to the unemployment office. However, improvements in technology are leading to positive disruption across multiple industries. Here is a quick look at six. Automotive When it comes to … [Read more...]

3 Incredible Ways Technology Has Improved Efficiency In The Medical World

Given the exponential nature of automated innovation, technology has grown firm roots across commerce and industry. In just two or three decades, what was once seen as an expensive frivolity has become instrumental. Even simple household appliances carry technologically enhanced 'smart' capabilities. Thus, critical fields carry a predilection for quality technology. If a toaster can be intelligent, one would hope that preferential attention has been paid to essential industries. Although profit is usually the driving factor, the human cause will prevail. This notion is exemplified in the realm … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Make Your RC Truck/Car Faster

Who doesn't want to own an RC car/truck that can accelerate the fastest? Surely, when it comes to a radio control vehicle, speed is the most popular aspect. Whether you're having a race or bashing your car in the dunes, the feature you require the most is higher velocity and faster acceleration. So if you want to speed up your radio control car or truck to leave your rivals behind in the dust, go through this guide as it will help you make your RC vehicle the fastest one ever. You can pick one or more ways of speeding up your car, depending on how much money you can spend and how fast you … [Read more...]

Newest Technological Innovations Coming to Homes Soon

Technology has changed how we interface with practically every aspect of our lives. We no longer visit record stores, book stores, or hail cabs, because we can use Spotify or Pandora, Amazon Kindle, and Uber right from our phones. But technology is not only changing how we interact with the outside world, it is even changing how we interact with our own homes. Here are the top five newest technological innovations coming to homes soon. Image sent by author Amazon Echo With Tap, Dot, and a personal assistant who responds to your voice named Alexa, Amazon Echo has dominated the … [Read more...]

Healthcare Technology: Five Ways It Has Changed The World

Ever since medical researchers in the 20th century started using computers to compile and compare data, information technology has been playing a very important role in healthcare. From that initial focus on research, healthcare IT has been shifting more towards administration and interactive patient care. Technology has really helped develop what we are able to do to help the health of others. It has also really helped change the way we are able to take care of our patients as well. Now we are allowed to do all that we can to make sure that our patients are as happy, safe and comfortable as … [Read more...]

5 Modern Techie Gadgets You Need for Your Car Repair and Restoration

Car enthusiasts who enjoy working on a car and restoring it can add modern gadgets that update how the vehicle drives. Modern tech gadgets are available to make the driving experience more enjoyable as you operate the vehicle. When you're repairing and restoring a car, there are a few important gadgets to install to transform the vehicle. Image source pixabay 1. GPS System According to businessinsider.com, a GPS system is one of the best devices to install in your car to make it easier to navigate the area when you're headed to a new location. This makes it easier to avoid staring … [Read more...]

4 Unique Techie Gadgets That Changed The World

Companies often refer to their latest inventions as revolutionary: Amazon used the same term when it launched the Kindle e-book reader; Steve Jobs went a step further by including the word “magical” when he introduced the awe-inspiring iPad. Nevertheless, the truly revolutionary techie gadgets that changed the world are those you can’t imagine life without them. There are many such gadgets, but this article focuses on only four. The printing press It would be hard to imagine how life would be like if Johannes Gutenberg has not created a table-sized contraption with thousands of … [Read more...]

Robot Vacuum? The Best Vacuum Cleaners

We all love saving time on household chores and with todays infographic courtesy of Elham from RobotVacuum.io you can see exactly why this handy gadget could be your next best purchase. Robot Vacuums work on amost any surface and offer great value for money.   … [Read more...]

Technology and Football of the Future

The face of football is changing. Today video replays are just one of the ways technology is enabling referees to take a second look at incidents to help ensure correct decisions are made. Goal-line technology including the Carios GLT system, goal refs and goal minder's, using magnetic fields to confirm whether the ball has crossed the goal-line, along with video based systems are also playing a huge part in top flight matches. In the future further technological advances look set to change the way the game is played. In the future cameras mounted onto player's kit will provide fans with a … [Read more...]