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Dreaming Of A Cool Coffee Machine – The Sage by Heston Blumenthal BES870UK Barista Express Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

I love a fresh coffee in the morning. I own an espresso machine (Singer ES 150) which makes a delicious espresso and some tasty cappuccinos and for coffee I own the Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine with Timer and Integrated Grinder (image below). Image source andrewjamesworldwide.com The coffee machine by Andrew James is quite cool: it has an integrated grinder and it can be programed to make me a coffee in the morning. The espresso maker is a simple model which does not incorporate a grinder. The espresso is good but I want to drink a great one so I am dreaming of getting the … [Read more...]

3 Star Wars Gadgets That Every Fan Should Have

The Star Wars is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Millions of people are loving this. In this article you will find 3 star wars gadgets that every fan should own. Below you can find my favorite gizmos (there are hundreds of cool Star wars products on the market). #3. Starwars Walkie Talkies These are the coolest walkie talkies I ever saw. One features Darth Vader and the other and Storm Trooper. These can be used to plan an attack against the rebels. :) The Starwars Walkie Talkies gizmos won't break the bank. They cost £12.00 and you can get them from Wilko.com. #2. … [Read more...]

Best Tech Accessories Coming to You in 2017

Tech journalists and analysts are anxiously awaiting the opening day of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show to see what gadget manufacturers have in store for the New Year. Recent editions of CES have introduced many new accessories to enhance the functionality of new gadgets and devices, and a similar trend is expected at CES 2017. Here are some of the best tech accessories you can look forward to seeing in 2017. Image sent by author USB-C Docking Stations The latest generation of laptops, such as the new MacBook Pro, have done away with standard connectivity ports such as the … [Read more...]

Lemurlock – The First One-Piece Cable Lock/Bike Lights

Stolen bike lights suck. At best, they mean you have to buy what you already bought...again. At worst, it can mean riding home in a dangerous situation. Meet Lemurlock: the first one-piece cable lock/bike lights that keep your lights just as safe as your bike. Images sent by author Lemurlock also takes the place of your current cable lock, so you're not only locking your lights--you're also locking your bike with the same satisfying click. Here's how it works: while riding, both lights clip into a mounting bracket on the handlebars and seat post (not enough seat post real estate? … [Read more...]

The Five Best Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 made headlines after its recent launch, but not for the reasons the brand might have hoped. What’s more surprising is that a majority of Note 7 owners continued to use their devices for weeks after the official recall was announced. Apparently reports of phones literally bursting into flames and Samsung’s subsequent decision to discontinue the Note 7 isn’t enough to move users to switch devices. Image source Pixabay So what will inspire fans to retire the Note 7 in favor of a safer smartphone? How about all of the great alternatives to the Galaxy Note 7! There are plenty … [Read more...]

Cell Phone Holder At A Special Price

This post is for the ones wanting to buy Cell Phone Holder. I negotiated a special deal for you - you can get the Cell Phone Holder, Orot 2-Pack Cell Phone Holder/ Ring Grip/ Car Mount Holder/Kickstand for iPhone SE/6s/6/6s Plus/6 Plus/Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge/LG G5 & More (Gold) at a discounted price just for being our reader. To get the cell phone holder at a special price use the code TPT2OXTR and get the product from here. … [Read more...]

iVAPO Apple iPhone 7 Case Impact Resistant Full-body Protection Review

The smartphones are cool but they could be quite fragile if they aren't handle carefully and accidents happen. This is why it is recommended to use extra protection. I always use a screen protector because the screens are part which need the most protection and I prefer to scratch the screen protector, not the screen itself because a replacing the screen protector is a lot cheaper. In plus I use a case to protect the phone from shocks and scratches. In today's post I am going to show you a cool iPhone 7 case. The iVAPO Apple iPhone 7 Cases Impact Resistant Full-body Protection Phone Case … [Read more...]

Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

In the last years wireless headphones became more and more popular. Right now there are two opposing trends: sport headphones which go into the ear canal and over the ear headphones. Because I wrote about the earphones in a previous post today I am going to show you 2 cool over-the-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones. These modern headphones deliver a superior sound quality and  the noise canceling feature is well implemented. Because these headphones utilize Bluetooth technology pairing them to phone or tablet is really easy. It takes less than 30 second to pair them and then you can … [Read more...]

DJ Controller Buying Guide. A Cool Infographic

While becoming a DJ might seem like a hobby for some, it’s actually a lucrative career option for anyone with the talent to see it through. Whether you’re just beginning or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s important to have the proper equipment in order to maximize your jockeying skills. Just as every carpenter needs a set of quality saws, sanders, and other tools of the trade, a serious DJ needs the right software and turntables to get those bodies moving. In order to select the right equipment, you need to consider your experience level, preferred software, number of channels, and whether or not … [Read more...]

Road Trip Essentials

Every road trip is an adventure but some long haul journeys can pack a bit of stress when you forget the essentials. The good news is that a little planning can go a long way toward making even the most epic road trips a breeze – as long as that includes packing the right gear. So when the open road beckons make sure you bring these must-haves along for the ride. Image source Pixabay A cargo box: Keep non-essentials from cramping your style by stashing them in a rooftop cargo box like the Yakima SkyBox 16 from Carbonite. It's low-drag so it won't slow you down or drown out your road … [Read more...]