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The Newest Xbox One Controllers

Xbox One will have a new series of controllers; the Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series will be launched on the market soon. Image source xbox.com The first in the series is the Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition and it was inspired by military technology. The new controllers are meant to complete the  Project Scorpio and improve the gaming experience. Some of the features of this new gaming controller are: laser etched texture textured diamond rubberized grip improved wireless range Bluetooth technology The Bluetooth technology will makes the … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Starting an Online Clothing Shop

The number of online shops - selling everything from books to gadgets - have increased astoundingly over the past 10 years, which is a trend seen worldwide. And the number has only continued to grow, with clothing shops topping the list of online stores. Setting one up yourself can be confusing, especially if you’ve never really had much experience with online stores. Image sent by author Let this guide help you. Here are 8 tips to starting an online clothing shop: Think up a unique selling point. This should answer the question: why should I buy this product from this … [Read more...]

Advancements in Tire Technology

There’s more to tires as a concept than one would think –more than a rubber compound, a steel structure and air. In fact, things were never so simple, not even decades ago, when the tire technology was significantly less advanced. Within the past decade, the manufacturers have started coming up with new tire concepts, which excel at durability and performance, so here are a couple of them; welcome to the tire technology of the future! The Pneumatic Tire Images source Pixabay Before delving into the future tire concepts, it is important that we discuss the pneumatic tire, or, in … [Read more...]

The Top Smartphone Gadgets You’ve Got to Try in 2017

So, we’re almost three months through 2017 - can you believe it? And during those three months, there have been an influx of new smartphone gadgets and accessories into the market. What better time to accessorize your Android smartphone or iPhone than now? Below, we’re going to take you through some of the top smartphone gadgets we’ve already seen in 2017 and that you’ve got to try before this year is over. Image source Pixabay MagBuddy This first one is pretty simple - it’s a mount that automatically attaches to your smartphone with a magnet. This is one that you’ve got to get … [Read more...]

5 Of The Latest Gadgets In Hospitals Today

Technology transforms virtually all industries, but healthcare is one of the areas where developments have progressed at an astonishing rate. While adopting new devices, tools and software can be a significant administrative burden on the hospital, they can also provide invaluable resources for full patient care. Modern medical facilities are always looking for ways to increase the safety of their patients while providing more effective services. Image sent by author Disinfecting Light Bulbs Many people are wary about the risk of contracting a "super bug" or other disease when … [Read more...]

How The Fifa Game Evolved Over Time

The first Fifa I played was Fifa 96. I still like the game and now I am playing the 2017 edition. So this info graphic brings back happy memories. Anyhow if you live the game you will like to see how it evolved over time. The Evolution Of FIFA by Clubline Football. … [Read more...]

Carbon Fiber Products

The carbon fiber is becoming a more and more appreciated material. The phone cases made from carbon fiber are very loved by the users because these devices are durable and offer good anti-scratch and shock protection. But there are actually more than phone cases being made from carbon fiber. This material is a also a good option for wallets and watches. A carbon fiber wallet like the Tumi CFX Double Billfold RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet which is made from Carbitex CX6 material (is a dense, intricately woven and engineered carbon fiber) offers a good protection for the credit cards and cash … [Read more...]

Why Tablets Are A Must In The Classroom

This cool infographic shows the impact of tablets in the learning process. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

4 Gadgets to Make Your Commute Safer

According to the Federal Highway Administration statistic from July 13, 2016 an average American travels 13,476 miles on an annual basis. To put this into perspective- the diameter of our planet is 12,742 km or 7,918 miles. Spend this time in the kitchen and you are bound to make a ton of mistakes, such as adding too much salt to the meal, dropping an item on the floor, or even setting a steak on fire. Unfortunately, making a mistake during your commute has a higher chance of having a fatal outcome. In order not to allow this to happen, here are five gadgets that can make your commute … [Read more...]

Secure Gaming: 4 Keys to Protecting Your Identity While Streaming

The internet can be a dangerous place. Identify theft is a serious issue that can affect just about anyone online. Gamers and those who use internet services like streaming regularly are more vulnerable. Those who have a strong online presence on social media or run a business online are also at serious risk. Videogame streaming has become a popular and lucrative activity for many gamers. Some have even chosen to build their entire business and job around the activity. Identity protection is extremely important for anyone online and especially for those who stream either casually or … [Read more...]